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£1,000 Profit Per Week Trading on Betfair. Possible?

Very often I will get asked the same questions regarding trading on Betfair, and this usually goes down the lines of: “How much money can I make trading on Betfair?”, and this question is usually followed by a certain ‘numbers’. £1,000 per week profit is definitely a number that gets mentioned often.

Of course, if somebody can do something in this life, then it can usually be replicated by others – if you are following the same thought-patterns, and using the same strategies as the person who achieved it in the first place.

In the members area of my course: The Betfair Trading Course, I have member feedback pages which are inundated with profit examples sent in from members, and what they are achieving. Of course this will depend on the stage of their own trading journey, and the effort applied – as success in any field, especially trading Betfair, is always relative to how much application is pressed against learning the subject.

A Member Making £100 Per Day from Betfair.

On this very blog a while ago, I shown how one of my members was making £100 profit per day trading Betfair, and very many members have done this now. – many have now gone full-time. What I find is (and this is after the course having been running for over 7 years now, and in that time I must have received tens of thousands of email communications with members), is that those who progress the most; learn the most, are the members who take their time to really digest the content, and the learning materials they have invested in.

…It makes sense, right?

I mean, how else are you going to truly excel at a topic/subject unless you really throw yourself into it? There’s probably been many instances in your own life, where you have witnessed somebody doing something out of the ordinary, and you’ve thought to yourself: “I wish I could replicate that…”. But the reality is: ANYTHING can be replicated, if you follow a proven strategy – ANYTHING!

Think about it… No matter what profession, or what skill-set somebody has, they have literally trained themselves up to a position where they can make it look ‘simple’; or maybe you may look at somebody and think: “they are just lucky…I could never do that”. Luck is rarely a factor in long-term success. And as the old saying goes: “The more I practice, the luckier I seems to get”, is extremely apt when thinking about Betfair trading.

Can YOU trade Betfair successfully, really?

Whether you think you can be successful at trading on Betfair, or whether you don’t think you can – guess what? – you’ll be correct in your assumption, until you start to think and act differently….

There is a post on my course that explains the importance of creating habits, and how forming successful habits is at the core of any advancement you will have – in any area of life. How you perceive the task at hand, will have a direct affect on the outcome – have no doubts about that. And whilst the dreamers are still thinking they can make ‘easy money’, those who really get to grips with what they are looking to learn, will always, always, always be ahead of the game.

90% of success is already in your head…..Consider this….

Just to prove my above point. Let’s say you’ve decided to purchase a certain car. You’ve already thought about the colour you want; the engine size you want; the way it looks, and you’ve just got it into your head that you WANT this fecking car! Now that you’ve decided something, and it’s now embedded into your mind, what do you think the chances are that you’ll start seeing this type of car all over the place, everywhere you go? I highly suspect that you’ve already gone down this mental-pattern on a previous purchase – we all have.

You absolutely will see that car everywhere….

….Why? It’s because now that you have decided on something, your mind – subconsciously – places you into a position that gives you much more awareness of your decision, and this places you into an immediate state of awareness, which in turn increases your chance of succeeding on your decision – exponentially!

Another example:

If you use Facebook, you’ve probably already noticed, that when you search for an item, or service – even away from Facebook’s website – that suddenly you start seeing these items/services all over the place. That’s marketing based on your previous search history (cookies, and other sneaky bits of coding that are tucked away by Facebook); but what these marketers are doing, is tapping into a previous desire for a subject/product/gadget, etc. – and this creates action from yourself – because after all…. you did search for something, so you must be interested in it….

You can use this mental strategy to succeed in ANY area of life – especially Betfair trading –  and I show you, in great detail, how to use this strategy on the course.

The reason I am highlighting these thought-patterns, is because of the subject matter at hand – trading on Betfair, and how much money can you make when you start to smell the coffee, and basically, stop the dreaming mentality. Again, it’s all relative to how much you really, really want something; and how much you are prepared, mentally and physically, to totally absorb yourself in the subject matter in order to achieve it.

You need the motivation to succeed at Betfair trading.

A couple of weeks ago, I received an email from a brand new member, which took me a little bit by surprise. This member has just joined and then sent me the following email:

betfair trading motivation

I think it’s fairly obvious as to why I was surprised at the email content – I’ve highlighted the main issue.

Now there’s nothing wrong with being in a secure job, and not being desperate to earn a few quid extra, but if you don’t have the motivation to succeed, then frankly, you WILL fail at trading Betfair (and most things in life). Why? because at the first sign of resistance (maybe a bad trading day, which happens…) your brain will simply say: “nah…this ain’t for me, guvnor, and I don’t need it enough to learn how to overcome the obstacles” – and you will collapse like a deck of cards in a hurricane.

You can never be passive where making money is concerned – fact.

Why not, Stuart? because well, frankly, money is not easy to come by, and you are competing against most of the planet when chasing the illusive pound coin. Therefore, if you are not motivated enough to stay ahead of the game, and learn what’s needed, you’ll be eaten alive by those that live for making making money – another fact!

Think about what I’ve just said, and think about it seriously… You NEED to be motivated, or your brain will just give up on the cause.

Which gets back to the question:

Can you make £1,000 per week trading on Betfair, and are you sure?

The answer is, of course….YES, if you are prepared to put the work in, and are prepared to do what it takes to enjoy these sorts of profits from Betfair.

Anybody who makes Betfair pay isn’t anything special. Usually, those traders who make it pay, are able to do so because they want it more than the next man/woman; and by wanting it more, they have set themselves up to be prepared to go further lengths, than the average person would ever consider going to.

It really is that simple, ladies and gentleman.

Recently, I proved – yet again – to my members that I am very much still in the game of trading on Betfair, and that I don’t just sell courses to gullibles online. I do what I teach – almost every day. Screenshots can be faked, as we all know, but an actual video is the proof of the pudding, so here is a video for you to watch:

The above video shows how I made £1,562 profit in just 5 days – as I don’t trade weekends much anymore, as I don’t have to. It’s not the best 5 days I’ve ever had – by any stretch – but it’s obviously not to be sniffed at.

On my course I also show members how I made £900+ the previous week also, trading just 3 days – thus making a combined profit of: £2,463 profit is just 8 trading days – and these are not results from 10 years ago – as markets do change – but these profits were made just a couple of weeks ago. There is a full video of these 8 days in the members area – as like I say, videos are real…

You see, as I said above, if somebody else can do something you wish to emulate, and you are willing to learn, and apply yourself, then you can replicate their success – and I have now trained thousands of members on my course to do exactly that…

What does it really take to make £1,000 a week on Betfair?

The crux, if there ever was one? You know, when you break it down, there are a few important steps required, and the rest of it is time spent in the markets practising what has worked for myself, and now endless other members – although – it’s the detail in those steps, that can make ALL the difference to whether you succeed, or fail at this game – do not underestimate this fact:

A profitable Betfair trader

On my course I teach members the foundations of becoming a profitable Betfair trader, and then I take them by the hand, and advise what is required at each step of the way.

The end result, is that you need to be able to trade on instinct.

Really? why so?…….because there are just so many variables happening in the market that you need to take notice of, that if you had to consciously remember each aspect of a potential danger/reward scenario, then you would very quickly have information overload – that’s the secret as to why our course has been so very successful at teaching people to trade – DETAILS – together with knowing how to teach those details (don’t underestimate that, either…).

You cannot fake it. As I mentioned earlier, there is a set structure to succeeding, and the rest – which separates you from the other budding traders – is the detail, and how you follow through with such details.

Think of it like learning to drive – if you had to learn 3-point-turns on your very first driving lesson; as well as emergency stops, whilst you were still learning how the clutch pedal works, then you’d fail miserably and probably never take another lesson = failure. Reverse that process – add the required detail, and timescales with some actual reality of the situation – and you have the blueprint for success.

Do you think a toddler, when attempting to walk for the first time, falls down a few times and then thinks to himself/herself: “Ah feck this for a game of soldiers, I’ll just crawl through other people’s shit for the rest of my life. I ain’t trying this anymore”. Do toddlers and babies think that? Of course they don’t. Toddlers don’t carry the negative scepticism that adults do, and therefore they will try again, and again, and again and will continue to try to walk, until they can toddle off and get up to all the mischief they can find.

You fail when you give up…be the toddler and believe you can – whilst at the same time, ignoring the absolute BS you see on the internet – mostly written by online bellends who love the sound of their own voices, but whom have never achieved anything of note in their miserable lives – get real with this, if you want to achieve how to be a Betfair trader.

The bottom line is this:

Successful Betfair trading won’t happen overnight, and you certainly won’t be making £1,000 a week after 2 months learning (only in Disneyland does that happen); but one thing I do guarantee you, is that when you see the amount of members making a profit from my teachings on this course; and who have sent in their Betfair profit and loss screenshots to me, you will immediately appreciate the difference between a REAL Betfair trading course, and those that are just marketed based on pure hype/shite.

Remember folks, the proof is in the pudding – ask for that proof, and see that pudding before going down a path you may wish you’d avoided.

Gain the momentum, take those baby steps to becoming consistent, and anybody could become a profitable Betfair trader.

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