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Betfair Exchange Course Update – 4 Years Since We Officially Launched BFScalper

This month, October 2020, marks the 4 year anniversary since we launched the Betfair Exchange Trading Course – BFScalper – and what a remarkable 4 years it has been.

Ironically, and thinking back, I probably regret naming the course: ‘BFScalper’, because the course encompasses an array of different pre-race trading methodologies – and not just ‘scalping’, but  I won’t be changing it now.

When I initially launched the course, had I known then what I know now, I wouldn’t quite have believed it, because although the course has grown exponentially since the early days, so has the member successes.

We now have many thousands of members on this Betfair Exchange Course.

You see, it’s easy to launch a product and claim it will do x, y and z for buyers, but the proof of the pudding is always in the eating… and this is where I have always placed the emphasis.

Facts matter… bullshit?… well, you can keep that on YouTube…

Don’t get me wrong, it has been damned hard work, and when you consider the course started with around 8 hours of HD training, and now has well over 40+ hours, it is easy to see how much work has gone into the materials for members; but there is no point pumping out endless video tutorials – if what is being taught does not work…. This is where we are different….

From the very start of launching this Betfair Exchange course, members were delighted with the content, so I immediately knew that I had a training course that worked, and that could be turned into a leading product in this Betfair niche.

This seemed to happen overnight, which did surprise me, because although I knew what I was going to teach would work, what I failed to anticipate was how many members had already tried other Betfair courses… and failed…but were still searching for something that just worked for them.

I suppose it’s a bit like buying a car from a garage forecourt that advertises 60mpg, only to receive 15mpg in reality, and then you find a car that produces what was actually advertised. Understandably though, people get very excited when they have tried most of what is already out there, and then finally…finally, they find something that actually produces satisfaction – and results…

Talking of results, this month alone, the amount of feedback from members has been staggering; so much so, that if I placed all of it into the public domain, people just wouldn’t believe it… tempting as it is….. (I’ll discuss more on the subject of ‘believing’ later on this post).

Betfair Exchange Course and Covid-19…

Since the Covid-19 lock-down in the UK, which happened around March 2020, more members than ever started to seriously study the contents of the course, and without all the usual distractions which come from everyday life. Very many people were at home, with some time on their hands, and subsequently they started to take their time…… slow….. things….. down, and really learn – some for the first time in their lives, having had this unexpected time at home.

Many members who has invested in the course last year came back on-board, and they stated that initially they just didn’t have the time to invest to learn properly, but because they had been forced home through furlough, then this was an ideal time to use all this free time that had suddenly been thrust upon them.

There was a potential problem on the horizon…

As the UK was being decimated with the Covid-19 virus, more and more sports began to shut down, and although horse racing put up a defiant stance against closure, it was inevitable really that this too would eventually have to close. Then we were left with the USA & Australian Betfair racing markets, which although they are not anywhere near as ‘solid’ for trading purposes, those markets did lend a hand to new members when gaining (much needed) familiarity with the Betfair Exchanges.

So I had to put my thinking cap on…

I Had a Bit of a Training Brain-Wave Just Before Lock-Down…

It was during the last week or so, before racing in the UK shut down, that I started to think about how members would continue their trading education during this down-time; so what I did, was I created over 10+ hours of 1080p, full HD ‘practice’ videos, where I sat there and simply recorded and replicated the training conditions that new, and old members needed, and then I gave the members the opportunity to assess the markets themselves, before annotating on the videos with my own thoughts…and then we let the activity play out – as per the pictures below:


The practice videos were around an hour long each, so what this shown, was what members would be looking at if they had turned their software on for the day’s live racing. The difference was though, that they could pause the video before anticipating what ‘could’ potentially happen, and then start the video again, and see if this actually panned out in reality.

It is something I had never previously considered. Why? Well, there has never been a lock-down before, and racing had never really been suspended before, so there was no reason to pre-empt this situation ever happening – but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense, because if you need to practice, say at 3am in the morning, then obviously there would be no racing to practice on, but with full ‘live’ pre-recorded video,  members can now practice anytime of the day or night.

On the practice videos, it was the first time I had not actually spoken during videos on the training course, because I wanted the members to see what THEY thought first, and if the training was working for them – not me! After all, the videos were for members to practice as if they were trading in a live environment, and thus you don’t hear little old me in a live environment…

Here’s an example of one of the annotations, and to see if I, and the member was right in their prediction (and just out of interest, I was right in nearly every case on 10+ hours of video…):


It’s strange really how you never think of such things until you are cornered by situational events, and this proved a great addition to the course – which I have kept on even after racing re-started in the UK/Ireland – and members use these videos daily as part of their training. Win/Win.

Then, rather than me just sat there like an absolute loon, bored out of my mind just watching the screen being recorded, I then decided to annotate during the race, and then the members could immediately see if their own anticipations, and perceptions of what ‘could’ happen, actually happened.

Genius, right? Not quite, but members loved these additional videos, which came at the right time as they were needed – in lock-down.


Sure, as I said above, I was bored out of my mind sat there just filming the markets, and not actually trading myself, but this was for members, not me, and so it was well worth putting the time in.

These practice videos went down an absolute storm!

Members would play these practice videos as if they were watching ‘real’ live markets, and thus their training could continue in a similar way – as if horse racing was still on. The amount of emails I received for this was very surprising, with some calling it a game-changer for their training, and progress, so this worked out extremely well all around.

I had members give feedback like:

“Honestly Stuart, this is brilliant because I can look at the markets based on the training, assess what will happen, you would then give your interpretation of what you think will happen, and why, and then I could see it play out ‘live’ on the screen”

I even had members saying that they forgot the videos were for practice, and that they started to tap the screen with their mouse, just as they would with the original software when trading.

Here’s just an example of the kind of emails that came in for the practice videos – and there were many..


And when you combine everything; the lock-down, the additional training material, the extra time members had to slow……..down their training, and really digest the content, this became the catalyst for the perfect training environment – hence the increase in member feedback emails, and profit and loss screenshots during this period.

Even more senior members who had been on the course for a while made excellent use of this down-time to increase their ability on the Betfair exchanges.

I’ll give you a quick example, this month there was one member who made £870 profit over 2 days – which is obviously fantastic; a member who had been on the course for 15 months, worked his way up to higher stakes, and is now finally able to command an income from the exchanges.

I shown this member’s profit and loss screenshots in the members area of our Betfair Exchange Course, mainly to act as inspiration for new members – who love to see such content.

Here’s the original screenshot/email, after the member made £522 in one day:


A day later, the same member emailed me to say that he had just made another £350 for the day:


And this is what I mean, about posting such screenshots in the public domain, or even in the members area, because think about it, how many other Betfair Exchange courses do you see where members sending in such profit & loss screenshots? None, right?

And then a few day later, this same member sent me another email, claiming he had made profits of £752 inside a couple of hours….


So it’s easy to see what I mean about showing these emails when some members are making so much profit from the Betfair Exchange markets – that it starts to be ‘unbelievable’ – therefore, the above screenshot and email has not been published anywhere else other than this blog post – just to show that many members are absolutely flying with the training from the course.

I communicate a lot with my members, as I genuinely am interested in their progress, and I also like to study the transition from somebody who had never, ever traded before, and seeing how they transform into a fully-fledged professional trader – and we have many – so I sent the following reply email to Jason, the above member:


Now, can you just imagine for a second, being in a position that you have that much positive feedback coming in, and with such profits, that you don’t even want to put them on the website for fear that it won’t be believable? and as I said to Jason – it’s crazy isn’t it? But absolutely true 🙂

On most of the member feedback, I try to replicate what new members are going through, and to show them that in the majority of cases, they really are not that far away from the consistency they need to make regular profits, and by showing what other members are starting to achieve, even in the early stages of their journey, then they too, can replicate the consistency, and results. It’s all relative to the stage of the journey a particular member is at.

Although, there are many full-time members scattered around the course, and therefore I also like to show what is possible a little further into the trading journey, and the numbers that can be achieved with some systematic effort.

Exchange Course Member Feedback – As Strong as Ever!

The course is still being updated just as it always was, and the member feedback section continues to grow, which is now around 16 hours long – really, it is, and these are from members showing their excitement, and profits from what they have learned on the course.

Here’s an example, and screenshot taken from the actual ‘latest’ page of the course, at the time of writing this post:


So that’s where we are at really, it’s 4 years since we launched, and the course goes from strength to strength, with more members learning to trade than ever before.

We have certain held up our side of the training bargain – and I don’t mean generic nonsense on YouTube: I’m talking hard facts, and endless member success – the likes of which has never been seen before, on the subject of trading Betfair.

Amusingly, when we first launched this Betfair trading course, there were a few ‘competitors’ who used to make the same old claims that we were not what we claimed to be, but with such an absolute avalanche of feedback that has come in over the years, it’s safe to say that I don’t hear a murmur from them now, because there just isn’t a Betfair course out there that generates the same feedback – they know, we know it, but more importantly: our members know it…

I could now blow smoke up my own backside, and fill the rest of this blog post with similar, and recent screenshots, but I’ll hold back the temptation, because this post was just to celebrate what we, and our members have achieved over the last 4 years, and nothing gets my juices flowing more than seeing members succeed, and to read, and share in their excitement once it all starts to ‘click’ into place.

Although, if you want to read some other, more recent feedback from members, a snippet of feedback can be seen on the following link:

More BFScalper Exchange Course Feedback

I love to read member success, seriously, there is nothing better (well….come on…. there are some things better) as it makes all the hard work, and effort I have put into creating this Betfair Exchange Course, extremely worthwhile.

So yes, the course continues to be an amazing success, and something I am very proud of, and I don’t see that changing anytime soon.

As always though, I have to put the disclaimer on here, that although the above screenshots are impressive, anybody wanting to replicate will have to follow a set structure of training; serious hard work, and application. Let’s leave the ‘instant-riches-merchants’, for Disneyland, eh?

Anybody can learn to trade successfully. Not everyone will, but everyone can….. 


Stay safe everyone 🙂




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  1. Jason Pike says:

    keep up the sterling work stewart, best course out there.

    1. Hi Jason,

      Thank you for that feedback, I appreciate it, my friend.

      Have a good day ahead,


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    Very revealing bless you, Elie Abbot Kirtley

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