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My Free Horse Racing Tips, Our Beta Tester Results

Free Horse Racing Tips for Course Members – Video Proof Below

On the last post on this blog back in November, I mentioned that I had made a £1660 profit in a single day based on my own horse racing tipster selections. Subsequently, I actually received a lot of emails from readers asking if it was possible for me to provide them with the selections.

But anyway, as I said, based on the post mentioned at the top of this article,  I had a fair few people email me about the daily selections I make, and I have only chosen members for this beta test, because my of what we provide will only be offered to our members, and that’s the way we like to move forward – by helping our own members turn a profit from whatever strategies or trading opportunities we come up with.

This is how the beta testing went:

  1. I made the selections available by email the night before the racing commenced.
  2. All current available odds were given, as well as the date time and course.
  3. The following day I sent my own results to see if they mirrored the beta testers.
  4. This was then repeated for a week.
  5. At the end of the week, we all discussed the profits, and results that were generated.

ALL the beta testers wanted to continue receiving selections!

Why? Because as you can see from the video, some very nice profits were made, just like they were made on the original article where I generated £1660 profit in a single day from my own horse racing selections/tips.

Therefore, 18 beta testers (existing members) were chosen to test my horse racing selections for a week, and I just made a video to show you how this panned out. You can see all the details on the video below:

As you can see, everything was given before the racing started, usually around 7-9pm the night before, and I am sure you can see why the beta testers were very happy with the profits they made.

The problem with some tipsters.

Now with any type of trading, or gambling you have to remember that it is long term profits that count. EVERY trader will have losing days, because unsurprisingly, horses are not predictable and like to do their own thing sometimes, so even if you come up against a horse that has won it’s last 2 races, this does not mean it will win the next race, because there are endless factors involved when deciding on a selection that could potentially win a race.

These include, but are not limited to some of the following:

  • Previous form.
  • Class of the race.
  • The type of the race.
  • Prize money of the race (not many look at that…)
  • The ground at the course.
  • The winner’s previous conditions for ground, and course.
  • And many more factors.

But, many tipsters can look in too much detail regarding these potential factors, and triggers for selection a horse, and can get bogged down with too much criteria.

I actually like simple triggers, simple selection processes, and in fact on the selections mentioned on this page (on the video, and spreadsheet below), I think you would be very surprised at the selection criteria I have used, and have used for a long time for these type of selections.

The bottom line has to be profit.

Exactly right, the botton line is this game is PROFIT, and if the selections make a profit.  And as you can see from the selections below that I sent to the 18 beta testers, a very good profit was made:

Free Horse Racing Tipster Image profits

On a £100 betting bank, using 10% as your level stakes, at the end of the weke you would have made a 138% profit, and if you then compounding this on week 2, then your new betting bank would then be £238, and if then the results (points profit) were the same, then on week 2 your betting bank could go to £566.44, and on a £1,000 betting bank using the same winning percentages, then after week 2 you could have a new betting bank of £5664.40 (£4664.40 of pure profit plus your original £1000 betting bank).

Of course you are not going to make the same profits every week, or even make a profit every single week, but you certainly shouldn’t be losing your whole bank, so as long as (overall) you are making more profit than any losing days/weeks, then you are winning!

The beauty is with gambling though, is that you can start very small and scale up gradually, so you can start with, say £100, and keep compounding, and if (using the right tipster) you are profiting on a regular basis, then your profits can get to surprising levels very quickly.

Compounding your profits from Betting tips/Selections.

On our Betfair Scalping course I use an example in one of the videos of how much profit can be made by compounding the profits, and the results are almost unbelievable, but it is true, because compounding your profits and resisting the temptation to spend those same profits, can result in a huge betting bank.

The problem I have see in the past, where tipsters are concerned, is that they generally have some large losing runs, sometimes into the weeks and months, and this is mainly due to over-analyzing what they are doing. Some like to make you believe that it is almost a scientific process when they are selecting their horse for punters that follow them – when it isn’t!

I like to keep things extremely simple;  and as long as you are applying certain principles, then you can then play the numbers game to your advantage – and this I have done myself for very many years.

Some of the most successful ways to make a profit from horse racing are also the most simple, and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise.

For years people have been trying to make a profit from picking horses, and some have failed miserably, and that is mainly because they are trying to overcomplicate what they are doing, or are looking in the wrong areas. There are definitely ways you can make a profit from selections, but you need to look at the process of making a profit in the right way.

If you start placing wagers on horse racing selections, then you need to appreciate that you are not going to make a profit every day, or even every week. This should be common sense, because like I have already stated, animals like to do their own thing as well, and as much as you train them, then there will still always be other animals that are quicker, or gain more fitness over certain timescales – so accept that horses will not always do as you expect.

Therefore, if you are interested in making a profit from horse racing selections, you have to make sure that you know the numbers, and know that it is over the long term that the profits are made. If you cannot accept that you may lose money one week, but make a profit for the next 2 weeks, then ganbling is not for you.

Results have to be looked at over a longer period.

For example, if you had the following:

Jan: Won £800

Feb: Won £200

March: Lost £1,000

…Would then then crap yourself into thinking “Oh no, this is not working, and must get out now….” When the reality ‘could’ have been that you made 3 grand pure profit over the next 3 months, and subsequently ended the year £9,000+ up!

It needs thinking about as to where your ‘head would be’ on the losing days/weeks/months, because losing days do, and will come; but the profit has to be looked over, say, a 12 months period.

As I said on the video, I had no plans to start a service offering such selections, as that is not what I do, although since I posted an article yesterday regarding my journey to a Betfair trader, even more people have asked by email, so I am considering the options.

You can download the spreadsheet with the original selections from the link below:

Beta Testing Selections Spreadsheet


Have a great day everyone.


PS: Please note, that I know based on the back of this post I will receive emails from people wanting to try the selections, or who may be interested in being a beta tester for what we offer, although please note that we only offer any services to our existing members, as the services we offer, and will offer are always to make our members an additional profit – Therefore, if you are not a member, then you can find more details here:

18 thoughts to “My Free Horse Racing Tips, Our Beta Tester Results”

  1. Dave Hill says:

    I also pick daily selections for horse racing.But for me I rely on the Racing Post betting guide underneath each race.I only consider selections that have shortened in price compared to the forecast odds.My thinking is that thr Racing Post odds compilers have everything at their fingertips ,so why not take advantage of their expertise.For me money (I mean late money which shortens the odds on a selection) is very significant especially if the horse is near the head of the betting.I don’t win everyday but have had some good days. i.e. Watch Annouska in the 1:10 at Lingfield SAT 17 Feb….f/c 25/1….now (evening before) 9/1.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Thanks for the comment, and you are right in what you say, using information that is available has to give you an advantage, and we all select different. I think sometimes some people make it overcomplicated, and can get bogged down with too much detail, but what you have said above is definitely a factor, no doubt.

      Annoushka came last in that race at Lingfield – you cannot win them all 🙂

      Have a good weekend.

  2. Merv Hughes says:

    Hi Stuart,

    This is excellent, and I think it’s a logical step forward for those members who want to broaden there scope of trading.

    For me in my working life it was all about analytical fact finding (facts do not lie !) and applying decisions accordingly, so I really like your approach. If in due course this is a service you offer to members I would certainly be interested in investing some of my accumulated scalping profits.

    Merv Hughes

    1. Thank you Mervyn,

      If it ever does get offered, I will let you know.

  3. Jason Wellings says:

    Are you going to be offering these tips as a service Stuart? I have been a member of your course since last year and very satisfied with the profits and consistency I am now getting and if the quality of the course is anything to go by then I would jump at the chance of tips from you. Please let me know thanks

    1. Hi again, Jason.

      Email sent to you to explain.

  4. lincoln harper says:

    Hi Stuart. I’ve just watched the video and its mind blowing stuff!! I’ve tried lots of tipsters the last couple of years, but didn’t realise you guys may be offering this service. Is it possible to join the group testing or have you closed the doors for now? Cheers, Lincoln.

    1. Hi Lincoln,

      I emailed you regarding this. Thanks.

  5. Hello Stuart
    I really appreciate your highly professional and pragmatic attitude towards the members of the Betfair Trading course.I’d like to join the testing group if possible.


    1. Hi Zdenko,

      Thank you for your kind comments.

      There are no plans to launch it as a service at this stage, although should that change it will be members only currently, of which you are one (I just checked) of our early members.

      Have a nice evening.

  6. John Drew says:

    Hi interesting does it really live up to what is published?

    1. Hi John,

      Thanks for your comment,

      Although with respect, if you doubt something lives up to what you read, and what others say, then it is probably best not to get involved, as with anything in life, we all have a decision to make.

      On this page, the page you have commented on, nothing is being offered, or published.

      Best of luck in your future 🙂

  7. Very true words. It’s easy when your winning but far more mentally challenged when you get the losers. Stay focused and concentrate on the longer term. Thanks

    1. Hi Kenny,

      Thank you for that contribution, and yes, it is absolutely true, but so many just want the short term gains without looking at the bigger picture, which as we know, is very important.

      Take care.

  8. Will Richards says:

    Hi Stuart.

    Love the training and am very interested in your possible tips service. Please let me know if you decide to kick it off. Count me in please.



    1. Hi Will,

      Good to hear from you and thank you so much for the feedback on the course, and yes, I will definitely let you know show a service be launched.

  9. Baljinder Mall says:

    Are you going to be offering these tips as a service Stuart? I have been a member of your course since last few year and very satisfied with the profits and consistency I am now getting and if the quality of the course is anything to go by then I would jump at the chance of tips from you. Please let me know thanks
    Baljinder Mall

  10. Hi Stuart,

    Another great read and full of interesting honest information. I’m a member of your fantastic scalping course and if possible I would like to receive the selections if still available.
    I look forward to your reply.


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