Betfair Account Suspended? Or a Closed Account? Read This:

Over the last few months, I have been reading about many Betfair users having their accounts closed/suspended. But at the same time OUR Betfair Course members do not have their Betfair accounts closed.

Therefore, let me explain why our members are protected – and more importantly, HOW!

Betfair as a business are predominantly a digital operation, IE: They are an online business, and everything runs with data – and data costs money! No business worth their salt are going to allow ‘free-loaders’, and this is why many people are having issues with their Betfair accounts. This is not new, but with the explosion in sports trading over the last couple of years, there are now more and more disgruntled Betfair customers than ever before.

How does Betfair data cost them money? 

Well, think about it. All these websites you visit, even eBay, Twitter, Facebook and the likes have their websites hosted on servers, and servers are basically computers with a very large hard-drive capacity. So when you visit a website, or extract/read content from such a website, traffic (electricity, which we know is not free) flows through these servers in order to present the web-page on your computer, tablet, or phone; and this costs money to the end user – the website owners.

I actually have some personal experience with this, as I used to own a sizable hosting company many years ago; with multiple servers, and around 12,000+ websites – believe me, it costs money for data, so I get why more, and more companies are stopping the abuse – it is a real headache keeping on top of drive space and increasing costs!

Betfair themselves obviously have far higher traffic running through their servers than your average website, and thus, chances are that they have far more than one server accommodating their online needs – potentially a lot of servers, as servers are limited to space and capacity, and so new servers are required = more additional costs. To put this into context, Facebook have their own data-centers, with many ten’s of thousands of servers – although Facebook make their revenue from advertising, so all traffic is good traffic as far as they are concerned.

Betfair is different on that stance… 

betfair account closed restricted

So why did Betfair close my account? 

It’s actually quite simple…

Apart from the obvious account security issues, or money laundering obligations Betfair have to adhere to when running a purely online business, they have physical costs, and therefore if you are not spending money with them, but at the same time are constantly accessing their data, then as we know, nothing is for free in this world.

Problems using Betfair software? 

Most software vendors these days, Betangel, Cymatic and the likes, have what is known as a ‘practice/dummy mode’, where you can practice without any of your hard-earned money being at risk, and this practice mode facility is logged into your Betfair account, and this means that even when practicing your Betfair strategies, and systems, etc. you are still accessing Betfair’s data – for free – and at a cost to them.

There are many Betfair users using betting bots also, even in this practice mode; running millions of processes against Betfair’s API systems in the hope of finding an algorithm that works, and makes a profit, and so anybody that is free-loading such large amounts of data flags an alert to Betfair.

It’s a little bit like your next door neighbour constantly tapping into your electricity supply – you’ll reach a point where you’ll say “enough, is enough”…. and you will either want to be compensated for the usage, or more likely, you will cut them off  – and probably give them a good hiding, to boot 😉

You see, just like any other business, Betfair wants to make a profit from your use of their services, whilst at the same time limited their exposure to cost – and in layman’s terms – if you take the piss, they are going to get rid of you pretty sharpish. Makes sense, right?

Is there a way to stop Betfair closing my account? 

Of course there is, and on our Betfair trading course, we show a little ‘system’ which means you can make a profit, whilst at the same time ensuring that your Betfair account is never limited.

Restricted Betfair Accounts Help Solution

We have thousands of members on our Betfair Trading Course now, and since we placed a video into the members area, with the system I mention, we have not had a single member (in thousands of members) claim that they have had their Betfair account restricted. 

It works…

Conclusion of keeping your Betfair account open.

The conclusion is as follows:

  • Firstly, make sure all your ID is in tact, present and correct. More companies are on the ball now regarding having valid details, especially now the internet has progressed, and they can become liable to HMRC if they do not do these checks on indentity.
  • Secondly, use the same funding sources – If you deposit with a debit card – withdraw to the same debit card/PayPal account, etc. to avoid money laundering flags. Money laundering is rife and costs the revenue a lot of money, so again, companies are expected to act, and report anything suspicious.
  • Thirdly, use 2 Step Authentication – This ensures a second level of protection to your Betfair account, and means Betfair knows it’s definitely you. This alone can help you from not having your account restricted -and it can stop thieves also!
  • Finally, use some REAL money in amongst your practice trading when using software. If you are at least spending some money, then Betfair are making a profit, and it will put a dent in the practice data you are using, so mix it up.

Not everybody will be keen to use real money when practicing, testing their systems, or methods, but as I mentioned, on our BFScalper course, we have a little system which is guaranteed to profit, and almost guaranteed to keep Betfair off your backs, and keep your accounts open.

Keep your Betfair account open – and safe! 

When you start making a profit, the last thing you want to come up against, is Betfair closing your account. Imagine that you start making regular gains, and start relying on the money that you are making from your Betfair trading to put food on the table, or you pay for bills – and then one day you receive the dreaded email from Betfair’s account closure team, that “due to business decisions, your account is now closed”?

You’d panic, and wouldn’t how a clue what to do.

We have covered this in our course.

Be prepared, protect your account, and profit…..

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2 thoughts to “Betfair Account Suspended? Or a Closed Account? Read This:”

  1. Den Jones says:

    Hi Stu, I don’t know if you remember but about 8 months ago my betfair account was restricted on the ladders and you helped me to get it back so I know you deffo know what you are talking about. I have used a little system you mention since, good call, Den

    1. Hi Den,

      Good to hear from you. I have to be honest, I don’t remember specifically, I’d have to check my emails, but pleased it worked out for you in the end.

      There is nothing worse than losing valuable accounts, so always best to protect it from happening in the first place 🙂

      Take care,


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