A Fake Review Posted About BFScalper


Ref: Spoof 'Review' 2017


Back in 2017 we were alerted to the fact of a rather nasty and fictitious review doing the rounds regarding our BFScalper Pre Race Course. The website concerned has since vanished into cyberspace.





Dear Reader,


If you have landed on this page, then you may have read about a fictitious review that was written about our Betfair trading Course (BFScalper) back in 2017.


The original review was written by somebody who wanted, and tried to download our product for free; by disguising himself as an affiliate.


The details on the person behind the false review were very interesting, as it written by somebody who was a well known 'business opportunity merchant'; one of these people who try anything, and everything with very little effort put down, and then move onto the next 'shiny' product being advertised.


The gentleman in question wrote to us asking if he could become an affiliate of our trading course, due to the popularity the course was starting to attract, and although we have very few affiliates promoting our course (the option is not open to the public), we eventually accepted the gentleman onto our affiliate programme.


We ask all our affiliates to test the information, put it into practice, and then publish their results - together with their thoughts on the product. Then a few weeks later we would contact the affiliate to ask about their findings, and thoughts on the materials they have accessed.


Based on the reply we received from this particular gentleman, we immediately realised that he had no genuine intention of promoting anything, and had simply wanted the gain access to our BFScalper course for free. Once we realised this, we understandably removed access to the course .


Once access to the BFScalper course was removed, the gentleman in question then decided he was going to 'teach us a lesson' - on a new website he had set up with the sole purpose of providing false information about what we offered.


Those who wish to hide in the darkest depths of the internet wasting their valuable time trying their best to discredit products and services due to their own lack of personal success, good luck to them - life is far too short for us to worry about that, and we won't be.


The bottom line was, the gentleman logged into the course once; never promoted anything; never had any intention to; and thought he had 'bagged' himself a 'freebie' - all at our expense.


It shows the lengths some people go to, to avoid paying for a product. Although for full transparency,  we just wanted to file some details as to exactly what happened at the time, even though the original website is no longer listing on the internet.


The original information is still held on file.


Additional, and Updated BFScalper Information:

Our Betfair Trading Course has now been launched 3 years (at the time of writing), and in that time we have generated many thousands of members. Our course is now widely accepted as the 'go to' course for anybody who wishes to learn how to trade the Betfair markets.

We do not directly advertise the course, and never have done; plus the fact that we are happy for our genuine members to do the talking for us.

Even though we offer a full 60 day guaranteed to all members - which no other Betfair course vendor does - we have just a 0.6% refund rate asked for, which is unheard of in this industry.

We have now created many full time traders as a result of the course content, and endless amounts of members who are now making consistent profits - all of which is highlighted in the member feedback section inside the membership area; where many members discuss their success, and progress.

Our course now contains around 150+ HD videos, with well over 25+ hours of content.

With at least 5+ hours of that content coming by way of member feedback, where members write in to show their profit screenshots, emails, and the progression they have made with the course.

Many leading industry review websites have tested the course content, and passed the product with flying colours; as have endless members on Facebook groups, review websites, and in direct emails to ourselves.

Further details of such feedback can be found at the following locations (all of which can be validated if required):



We receive similar feedback on a daily basis, and at the time of writing, this was the latest feedback we received via a direct email from a member, who has just generated 48 winning trades in a row:


We hope that the information on this page helps to clear up the 'false review' matter, and we look forward to potentially welcoming you to our course.

Whatever you decide, we wish you genuine good luck, and success in your future.


Stuart (Course Creator)





Copyright BFScalper.com This information on the fake review was true, and accurate at the time of writing.