BFScalper Betfair Trading Course

Are You Interested in Learning How to Make Extra Income by Trading the Betfair Markets in 2023 - All Tax-Free -

Plus a £1,000 Profit Guarantee Whilst Learning?

My name is Stuart, I am a professional UK Betfair trader with over 20 years experience. I regularly make over £1,000+ profit per week, and I run the UK's leading, and most profitable Betfair trading course. I have now trained thousands of members to make regular, daily profits from Betfair; tax-free, and from their own homes.
Allow Me to Show You My Last 3 Months Betfair Profits:
January to March 2023: Using methodologies I will teach you on this course, I completed 578 trades over the last 3 months, and I made over £26,551 profit. There is full full video proof of me making these profits in the members area - plus endless video proof of members also making daily profits.
BFScalper 3 Months Profit


£26,551 Profit for 60 'actual' days trading - and remember, such profits are tax-free. 

Full video proof of me generating these profits is in the members area of the course.

Please Watch The Betfair Trading Demonstration Video Below:

On the video below, I will explain how £128 profit was made inside 30 minutes, using the strategies I will teach you on our Award Winning Betfair Course:

As you can see on the above video, £128 profit was made on just three races tonight, which gives you a indication of what this Betfair course can teach you. This is NOT complicated, it's just a case of becoming familiar with the software, and then following exactly what I show you on the videos.

I am going to teach you how to make daily, tax-free profits, from home, and join our Award Winning course today. Join thousands of existing members on the way to succeeding in their Betfair trading activities: Many members state that this is the most comprehensive and most profitable Betfair trading course they have ever been on; some say it is without a doubt the best produced over the last 20 years - we'll let you be the judge of that - risk-free...

Real Teaching From a Real Professional Betfair Trader:

It's fine somebody knowing how to do something, but it's an entirely different matter when it comes to actually teaching your knowledge to others. Trying to teach a skill is not as straight forward as you think, and therefore I let our members be the judge of my teaching style - It's something I receive a lot of comments about.

Here's a recent email from a member of the course:

My Promise: Guaranteed Results & Incredible Training Value:

I absolutely guarantee that you will see immense value from the course, and on top of that we give you a full 60 days to try the materials. If after that time you do not see the benefit, or have not made a profit, then by all means apply for a refund - we promise that you will immediately see the benefit.

You'll be taught how to make tax-free profits on a daily basis - Just like thousands of our members - and many of them have progressed to giving up their daily jobs, to trade full-time, from home.

Also, that as part of your membership, you will receive the Pension Top-Up system as part of the course, which will easily pay your membership fee back when used. We have some members making £1,000+ from this system alone...

...Stuart, the course creator, has been helping those of pension age make money with the above system for many years.

Learn on any device - PC, Laptop, Phone or tablet.

With the current cost of living crisis in the UK, you'll be learning a skill that enables you to create an income without any outside reliance. This additional income will not affect your existing income, and nor do you need to declare it. 

No longer will you be at the mercy of energy price increases, shopping increases - all increases. This course really does teach you an income skill that you can use for many years.


Now into our 7th year (2023), this extremely popular course has trained more people how to make daily profits from Betfair than any other trading course available on the internet - this is based on a recent member poll.

Many of our members have since progressed to becoming full-time Betfair traders.

Many of our members have since progressed to becoming full-time Betfair traders.

Endless Industry Recommendations for The Course:

Our Betfair trading course has also been tested, checked and validated by many industry websites:

These are websites with an excellent standing in the industry, who have taken a look at the course materials, tested the methodologies, and then gone on to recommend our Betfair Trading Course to their own readers:


And many more recommendations from industry websites.

What I will teach you is NOT gambling; but trading using proven, time-served methodologies that many have proven to work. Just like anything in life, there are people who know how to take advantage of opportunities - I am one of them.

Learn How to Make Daily Profits by
Scalping The Betfair Markets

We have now trained over 2,000+ Members to make profits from Betfair. Perfect as a gift, or for learning over the Christmas period.

The video below will explain how £128 profit was made in 30 minutes using the strategies we will teach you on our award winning Betfair Scalping Course:

How The Betfair Scalping Course Works for Profit
The Following Video Will Explain The Basic Scalping/Trading Concept:
How To Make Daily Profits From Home by Scalping The Betfair Markets With The UK's Most Popular Online Trading Course

A Full & Detailed Explanation of The Betfair Trading Course:

OK, I know that not everyone is a fan of too much content on information pages such as this, and I get that, but the benefits of this course simply cannot be understated, considering the success existing members are having, and the impact this course can have on you also. And just like my training, I leave no stone unturned...

I will now explain exactly what this course will do for you, the full benefits, and any questions you may have, and examples of how endless members are making fantastic profits using the this training.

To show you the full potential of this course, allow me to start with a recent member email that was sent to me: 

Our members get very excited about what we teach them; especially when they start seeing the results for themselves, like Oliver below, who sent us the following email recently:

BFScalper email from Oliver

The above member, Oliver, is now a full time Betfair trader, and joined our Betfair Trading Course when we first launched and has since built his profits up to the point you can see above, and although it will take time and dedication to build up to such profits, many members send us in their screenshots and emails on an almost daily basis; which is great to see. 

We also share many more of the Profit & Loss screenshots, and the emails in the members area (14 hours worth, currently!).

Or another member who is now making £100 per day after 4 months on the course (this was 2 years after we launched the course back in 2018) - Please watch the following video in HD and full screen:

The above member, Lewis, joined the course 4 months before sending the above screenshot, and sent in the above email to show how satisfied he is with the training, and the profits he is now making on a regular basis.

And an actual email that came in recently:

Stuart Hickling Scalping Testimonial

Now please allow me to explain what this is all about; why so many members are sending us such emails; how the course has managed to maintain thousands of members, and how this trading course can help you to make profits yourself. I will start right at the beginning, so you fully understand this offer:

What is Betfair Scalping, and Trading?

Betfair trading is not a new concept, and many people try to do it, but what is not readily available, is a step by step instruction on how it is completed by those who know exactly what they are doing.

The above member, Philip, joined the Betfair Scalping Profits course just 6 and a half weeks ago (again, at the time of writing), and members send us in their screenshots and emails on an almost daily basis, which is great to see and we also share some of them, and their comments in the members area.
And an email that came in recently:
As you can see on the above video, £128 profit was made on just three races tonight, which gives you a indication of what this Betfair course can teach you.
Allow Me To Start With a Recent Member Screenshot Sent in:
Before I start to explain how this Betfair Scalping Profits course can benefit you, and generate potential profits, I just want to show you an example of the type of gains some our members are making. The following is one day's profits for one member, and was made (at the time of writing this) just 4 days ago.
 As you will see from the member's Betfair Profit and Loss account, by following the principles outlined in the course, and using the strategies we teach this member made £118.35 in just one day:

Betfair Trading is a systematic approach to skimming a certain profit from the Betfair markets, and taking advantage of price movements that happen on almost every race.

Is This Betfair Course Just About Scalping?

We teach you all about Pre-Race trading on Betfair. How to analyse the markets; how to seek out opportunities, and exactly what to look for - and then make a profit.

If you are taking profits from the market before the races start (which is called Pre-Race trading), then you are scalping a profit - no matter what anybody else may call the strategies - Any other meanings given are just 'Buzz' words.

We teach you how to look for Pre-Race opportunities, and then how to act on them to generate a consistent profit.

We do this before the racing even starts, so that by the time the action has started, we are already out of the event with a profit being made. In the UK there are approximately 20 horse races per day, and we will teach you how to use BetAngel software to scalp a profit from almost every race on a daily basis.

How to analyse the markets
100% Safe From Bookmaker Restrictions - No More Banned Accounts:

Do I Need Bookmaker Accounts?

No, all the trading activities are completed on Betfair's own website, which is 100% safe, and you do not need to open any bookmakers accounts for this.

One of the main problems many people have had over recent years, is that when they start making profits, their respective bookmaker accounts have been closed, because bookmakers are a 'business', and they don't like losing money (bless them).

Betfair is different, as they actually enjoy people winning, and making profits.

What Do I Need To Be Able to Trade?

The following requirements are what are required in order for you to start the scalping/trading course successfully:

1)  An internet connection.
2)  A windows computer, or laptop
3)  Bet Angel software.
4)  A Betfair account.

1)  An internet connection.
2)  A windows computer, or laptop (Mac is possible, but a VPS server is required).
3)  Bet Angel software, which is a desktop application with a 14 day trial.
4)  A Betfair account.

Please note: that the BetAngel software will NOT run on a tablet, phone, or similar device. This is professional trading, and therefore a proper Windows computer/laptop is required.

The BetAngel trading software is designed to be run on a Windows PC/Laptop, but you can also run this software on an Apple Mac, providing you install the Boot Camp Assistant, which acts as an emulator so that Windows applications can be installed on Apple Macs - we have many members who do this.

Can Anybody Do This?

Providing you can adhere to the above requirements, then anybody can do this providing they know how to use a computer and can follow simple instructions, as well as being prepared to practice. The trading methods work, and have worked for years. Although as with any activity, you will need to learn how it works, study the materials, video training, and then practice yourself.

100% Newbie Friendly - No Prior Experience Needed:

This course is 100% 'newbie friendly' - We take you by the hand and teach you everything you need to know. How to use the software, right through to making profits - all in baby steps that anybody could understand. If you have watched tutorials in the past (or even tried other Betfair trading courses) and still been 'left wondering', then I guarantee that our course will leave you with no doubt on which actions you need to take to make this work for you.

We teach you to anticipate 'when' a profitable situation happens; we teach you 'why' these profitable situations happen, and then we teach you exactly 'how' to profit from these profitable situations.

Since the course launched, what we teach has created many full time traders, and we also have experienced traders in their own right trying the course, increasing profits and gaining value from what we teach.

The following member was already a full time Betfair trader, and wanted to learn, and add Scalping the markets to his toolbox of trading skills, and this was his recent comment on the course:

Mark Southern Scalping Review

As you can see, our course has glowing endorsements from full time traders as well, because what we teach simpy works - whether you are brand new, or experienced to trading! We don't just teach scalping, but Betfair trading in general and how to make consistent profits from a variety of different situations.

How Much Money Do I Need as a Bank?

This is one of the main benefits of pre race trading, in that you can start with any bank size, so if you only have £100 to start with, then you can use that, and build up your profits, and then increase your betting bank with profits you have made. As the money is never at risk, the bank size is up to you.

In reality you could even start with a £50 bank size but obviously the profits would be smaller initially, but you are effectively making around 10% per day, which when compounded adds up VERY quickly - which can then be used to increase your bank, and thus increase your daily profits.

We have members who have been able to retract their initial betting bank from Betfair after only a month, and are then making daily profits using other people's money (profit) - which is a truly fantastic position to be in.

Can I Not Just Learn This From YouTube?

Absolutely not, many other Betfair training vendors produce endless amounts of useless YouTube videos just to entice you to purchase their main products - it is an intelligence insulting marketing ploy to make viewers believe they are being helpful, when in reality it is all about them making a profit from their products.

YouTube is now used by marketers from all over the globe as an 'email list builder', in order words "Look at what I am giving you for free, ain't I great, now buy my product...".

If you could learn to trade by watching videos on YouTube, then don't you think everybody would already be successful traders? We teach you definitive Pre-Race strategies that actually make our members profit (read the feedback for proof), with no gimmicks attached. You will never learn that from free YouTube videos.

Is Your Course Better Than Well Known Betfair Traders?

You have probably read about some relatively well known traders, some of which may have been 'endorsed' by Betfair themselves; but the reality is, there are many traders who make fantastic profits trading the exchanges, most of whom were just not 'lucky' enough at the time when Betfair were looking for 'faces' to promote their business.

Certain traders have then gone onto 'milk' the endorsement for all it's worth, and possibly now make more money from selling their courses than they actually do trading; which we referenced to above regarding the endless YouTube promo videos; but does that mean they know how to teach you to trade?

Absolutely not - there is a BIG difference, between knowing what to do, and being able to teach!

Other such vendors can only dream of receiving the kind of feedback we do; they know, and we know it - and they detest us for it - although they constantly update their websites since we came along, to try and keep up 🙂

You will also read on some of the member feedback emails, that many of our members had tried all the courses out there, and only found out how to really trade, and make a consistent profit through our course content - something we are very proud of.

Here are five examples from three different members who compared the course when it first launched, and then in 2019, 2020, 2021 and again in 2022, comparing our course to other courses out there:

One thing we would say, is that we are the ONLY trading course that offers a 100% 60 day money back guarantee, and we also have a 99% retention of membership. You would need to ask yourself why other Betfair course vendors do not offer such a guarantee, or a much lesser guarantee - if they feel so confident that what they are offering works.

There is no point having a week's guarantee, for example, or 2 weeks, when learning to trade takes time; and this is why we know a 60 day guarantee is required for peace of mind. At the end of 60 days you will know whether trading is for you, or not.

Therefore, if you see a vendor with a very short guarantee, ask yourself why that is...

We are 100% confident that when you see our training, that asking for your money back will be the last thing on your mind, because what we teach works - as you can quickly see by the member feedback we receive daily, plus all the profit screenshots you will see that members send in, in the members area.

What Profits Can Be Made With Betfair Trading?

This will depend on the time you have to spare, as well as the ability to learn and practice a new skill. Although it is highly possible to make as much as £30-£40-£50+ per day initially. Anybody with a windows PC/Laptop can do this, and pick up the method behind it very quickly.

Then, when you have gained the experience and are confident in the techniques you can scale up to make even bigger daily profits, and all this is shown on the course in high definition video. We have customers who have made as much as £415 in 3 hours trading the principles we teach, and here is the screenshot sent in by one excited member showing those profits:

415 member scalping profit

All made by following the principles of the course, and practicing!

Plus as you have seen on the very first video on this page, where £128 profit was made in 30 minutes, and on just 3 horse races. These are the kind of profits that are possible once you have fully absorbed, and practiced the strategies we teach.

Put simply, when you have spare time and can sit down at a computer, you can use these scalping methods to positive effect. As already mentioned, there are approximately 20+ horse races per day in the UK and Ireland, and that is 7 days per week these days, so you really do have the freedom to use the scalping methods whenever you need to.

Although, just to give you an idea, using low stakes (which we definitely advise when starting out, and whilst learning the strategies) we spent an hour one afternoon on one of the training videos for the members area, and also made £42 for one hour's scalping using fairly low stakes, as the following video will show:

Put simply, any time you have spare and can sit down at a computer you can use these scalping methods to positive effect. As already mentioned, there are approximately 20+ horse races per day in the UK and Ireland, and that is 7 days per week these days, so you really do have the freedom to use the scalping methods whenever you need to.

£42 Per Hour With Low Stakes

As you can see, £42 for just under an hour's work; although this is also dependent on stakes, which can be scaled up as you become more confident. We always advise our members to start with low stakes, so that they can learn the methodologies, and then increase when they are confident enough to do so.

But what is also shown on the course, is how the trader made £516 profit in 1 hour using the advanced scalping strategies, and the videos containing these scalps are also included in the members area. together with detailed explanations on exactly how the profits were made.

I won't pretend that you will be making that type of profit straight away, because chances are you won't be until you learn what you are doing (like driving a car, you don't start driving at 70 miles an hour after a few lessons), but if you can generate £42 an hour whilst you are learning to make higher profits, then it goes without saying that you will be in a fantastic position moving forward.

Even at low stakes, £42 an hour is still £600 a week potentially (trading just 14 hours a week), depending on how many hours you decide to trade - but as I keep saying, you will need to learn the skill first.

90%+ Success Rate on Member Trades

The Video  Below is Actual Membership Content, from Our Member Feedback Section:

As you can see on the video above, yet another member who is now experiencing a success rate well into the 90's, is now making 10% pure profit pure day on his betting bank, and as you seen for yourself, is doubling his betting bank every 10 days now that he has learned the methodology of these trading skills.

A new section of the course is where we discuss member results, and we call this the Member Feedback Section, and the video above is of the actual Member Feedback videos which are added periodically so that other members can see what is happening on the course.

Now that the course has been launched over 6 years (into our 7th year now), and based on member feedback, we can see that many members are now enjoying a success rate well into this 90%'s regarding their trades.

What if I don't Have a Computer?

Well, you could consider buying one if you think the profits that can be made per day are worth your while,  if you X the potential daily profits above by the days in the year then you can quickly see how valuable a training course like this could be, and computers are very cheap these days. When you are talking about income-generating products, you will need the tools to do the job.

Won't More People Betfair Trading Reduce Profits?

Absolutely not, that is the beauty of Betfair Trading, there are probably tens of thousands of variations per day of when somebody could start the trade, what price point they take, and what positions they enter in at; so it simply does not matter one jot how many people are scalping, in fact the more the better, as it means more money is entering the market to make profits from.

This is the most comprehensive Betfair trading video tutorial available on the internet today (this statement comes directly from our customers!). And now with over 25 hours of HD detailed video tutorials, you can be sure that every aspect has been covered to place you in the position to make this work for you also. 

How Often is The Course Updated with New Videos?

The course is constantly updated, and at no extra cost to you.

The following is a screenshot I have just taken (at the time of writing this) from the 'Latest Video' page that we have in the members area on the course, and this will show you exactly what is currently happening, and the type of feedback we get from members, plus the additional videos added:


We add similar videos ALL the time, and the course content is constantly added to and expanded. We believe that showing new members how existing members are doing with the course content, provides a HUGE inspiration of what is possible - and members think the same.

Remember, you are going to be trained by a trader who makes profits on Betfair 7 days a week.

Customer Profits Example:

The following video will show you how one customer, in less than 2 months on the Betfair Scalper Course, is now making a consistent £350 per week.

Member's £350 Per Week Consistently:

Again, as you can see the above member is already making £350 per week profits (which is over £18,000+ a year - tax free) using the strategies from the course, and that is not unusual, we get similar emails sent regularly.

As previously mentioned, one member made £415 in a single day quite early on in his trading, but it really depends on how quickly you pick the information up.

All these emails, and screenshots you will see in the member's area once you join, and I think you will be very surprised at the feedback being sent in!

You simply have to learn the strategies first, and then the profits are there to be made.

The course will teach you how to do this.

What The Betfair Course Contains:

200+ High definition (HD) videos

- Full explanations, containing all the information you need - in detail, totaling well over 25 hours of professional training

Live video trading examples

Taking you step-by-step - newbie friendly. We start at the very beginning, explaining why, how, and when to make profits.


Setting up the software

How to set up the BetAngel software exactly how it is needed, including all the settings required to trade profitably.

How to use the Course

Explains exactly how to get the best out of the course for maximum potential. This is more important than most people realise!


Trading psychology

The mentality side of trading is explained in detail, and it's importance. Many people are not prepared mentaly to trade - we show you what to do.

Explaining the basics

Different types of trades, and uses. Get the basics right, and the rest follows naturally, with practice of course.


How trading profits are made

Endless detailed explanations on how to profit using live video footage, showing real life examples of many profitable situations.

Betting banks / staking

How to set up your betting bank for success. Staking, protection, as well as how to filter your trading based on your actual bank.


Trading Price movements

Predicting when price movements are about to happen, how to deal with them, and actually profit from them.

How to use Stop Losses

How to control your Betfair trading with safety mechanisms that not only save you from losses, but increase profits, too!


Losses into Profits

Every Betfair trader will make losses at some stage, we teach you how to turn those same losses into actual profits.

Proof of Profits Shown

We actually show you Betfair Profit & Loss on the trades we demonstrate so you can see that real profits are being made.


Email Video Responses

We show you live responses to questions sent in from other members so that you can gather all the support you require.

Advanced Betfair Trading

Once you have learned the basic concepts of scalping, we then show you more detailed methods of profit in the advanced section.


Filtering Races for Profit

We teach you how to filter the days races for maximum profit potential, this not only saves you time, but increases return on investment.

Pre Race Betfair Trading

We show you all aspects of making a profit using Pre-Race Betfair trading techniques to ensure you are fully experienced to take advantage of the Betfair markets.


Risk Free Betfair Trading

We teach you how to effectively gain a free bet which can triple your profits. This strategy alone gets members very excited indeed!

Higher Stakes / Profits

Once you are making a profit, we teach you how to increase your stakes for no additional risk, this again, maximises profit returns for all trades.


Compounding Profits

On the course we show you that even starting with the smallest of betting banks can return exponential profits over short periods of time.

Member Feedback Section

This is a relatively new section where we show you the results of other members, for inspiration and validity the strategies work! This helps a lot of members. 10+ Hours!


Member Critique Videos

New Addition: 'Digging Deeper' videos where members send in their own trading videos and we show them EXACTLY where they can improve their trading. This feature has helped a lot of members.

New Trading Spreadsheets

New Addition: Members now also gain access to specific spreadsheet tools that can transform their progression into using higher stakes, and thus gradually scalping up to higher profits - safely.


Member Practice Videos

Brand New Addition: We have now added over 10+ hours of new practice content so that members can now practice even when the live racing is not on. This has very quickly become a HUGELY popular area of the membership for obvious reasons. What this provides, as well as not being restricted in your practice times, is almost like being able to test what you have learned before being let out into the live trading arena. 

You can then see if your perceptions of the markets are correct, and then we show you exactly where you should have been looking for the opportunities, using live video examples - almost like looking over your shoulder and steering you in the right direction.

Many members have described this new feature as a 'game-changer' for their learning.

Member Testimonials and Feedback:

Read what the following customers think about the training. These are just a handful of the testimonials we have already started receiving since the launch of the course.

We receive feedback and testimonials on a daily basis from members.

The testimonials on this page were added at the time of writing as obviously we cannot update it everyday, and this can give a feeling that some of the testimonials are older; therefore if you would like to see more recent feedback, then just let us know.

The following testimonials and member feedback are taken directly from emails sent in:

Chris Ram Scalping Course Feedback

As you can see from the above email, a member with an almost 90% success rate over a full 5 month period, so this proves that the strategies we teach are time-served, and no 'flash in the pan', they work - simple as that - if you work.

Jon Forst Scalping Feedback Email

Jon then emailed back a few days later sharing his profits:

Jon Scalping Profits Email
Chris Witson Scalping Testimonials
Gary Parker Scalping Feedback Email
Michael Review
Billy Lyons Scalping Reviews
Chris Broughton Scalping Testimonial
steven duff betfair scalping feedback
shaun t scalping feedback email

You can read 150+ more Member testimonials by clicking here

We could literally fill this whole website with similar testimonials, and comments saying that this is the best online Betfair trading training course available, that great profits are being made, and we are receiving similar emails from customers on a daily basis,  but we will let you be the judge of that.

Course Comments on Social Media

Customer Comments Left on Facebook from Members:

Facebook scalping course feedback
Facebook Scalping Course Chatter
Matt Facebook Feedback for the Scalping Course
Lewis Cray Facebook Feedback for Scalping Course
Member Martin Trading in Barbados BFScalper

Customer Comments from Facebook Messenger Over The Last 24 Hours:

greetings from Austria
mr matt ollengurg facebook review

Can You Give Me An Example of The Betfair Training Videos?

Below is a 2 minute snippet from one of the videos that shows customers how to create a no lose situation when scalping, which is just one of the methods taught on the course, and members absolutely love this:

No Lose - No Risk Trading Example

Can Profits Be Scaled up?

A question we get asked a lot, is if the basic scalping can be scaled up, and if the profits can be scaled up. The answer is of course - yes, and we teach you how to do this, although when starting out you will obviously need to learn the basics of how to use the methodology behind the scalping methods, and become comfortable before you can look to increase your profitability.

You also watched the video right at the top of this page where I made £128 in 3 races, which took me just 30 minutes of an evening, and when you have gained the experience and practiced the strategies we teach, then this gives you a perfect indication of the type of profits that can be made.

How Much Does This Betfair Training Cost?

The product, we are offering for a very low price to help our customers, and subscribers learn a brand new skill, with the option of increasing their income. The price of the Betfair video training is currently just £89.97. Less than the price of a single meal in a decent Chinese restaurant. We will be increasing the price soon, as the video training is easily worth 20 x the amount we are charging at present (from customer feedback), which now contains over 25 hours of HD quality content.

Remember all the nonsense, and silly adverts you bought into in the past? Well forget that, move forward with something that DOES work, and is easily worth more than we are currently charging. We could easily add a zero to the price and you would still feel it worth it when you see what the content contains, of that we have no doubt, and neither do our existing members.

Why is The Price So Low, For So Much?

We promised our existing customers that we would put together some alternative methods of creating a profit, for a reasonable price, and although the price is extremely cheap, we will of course have to increase this price at some stage soon to reflect the value of the product, as it is being added to all the time.

Stuart, the author of the course has also written a book of his journey to becoming a Betfair trader, which is hugely popular amongst readers, members, and has already been downloaded over 70,000+ times since it was written.

You'll also gain access to this book for free in the member's area.

The book also allows you to get right into the mindset of a professional trader, which is truly valuable in finding your own direction.

Proving yet again that the value you are gaining from our Betfair trading course is unequalled anywhere else on the internet.

bfscalper book

We also believe that our course offers unrivalled value for money, there is now currently well over 20+ hours of Pro HD training videos on this course (almost 2 working days worth of training that you can visit as often as you like). 255 hours for less than £90? When there have been 2 day seminars on Betfair training held in the UK by other vendors for as much as £6000+VAT.

60 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

money back

60 day Guarantee

Risk free

100% 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

If, for any reason you don't think this is the most comprehensive Betfair trading course available today, or you do not immediately see the value that endless other members have seen, and gained from, over the last 6 years, then you can request a full refund, with no questions asked. Our asked-for refund rate for is almost zero, so we are 100% confident to offer you this full, and generous guarantee. Therefore you have nothing to lose by joining today.

Allow Us To Explain Our Betfair Course Money Back Guarantee:

Our Guarantee to New Customers

We are so confident that you will find value in the Betfair Scalping course, that if after 60 days you have not made a profit, or cannot see any value in the Betfair course, then we will provide you a full refund, and wish you all the very best in your future. Now we cannot say any fairer than that, can we.

A 100% Guarantee to You

As mentioned elsewhere on this page, we have a 99% member retention rate, and there is a valid reason for that - What we teach works. We know that once you have seen the quality of the course materials, you will know that it is different to what you may have seen elsewhere - In fact we guarantee that also!


No Other Vendor Will Offer This Guarantee (ask them why)

Our guarantees are always the same. In that you have 60 days to try the product, and if you have not made a profit after that time, or gained the immense value advertised, then you can apply for a complete refund. Although we fully expect for you to have made the purchase price back quickly, if not very soon after you have fully learned and understood the methodologies.

This is the reason why we retain 99% of our members, and have done now for over 6+ years - because we are teaching them ways to make a profit which simply work.

Why a Generous 60 Day Guarantee?

Let's face it, short guarantees are about as useless as a chocolate teapot, so if you see a vendor offering a short guarantee, ask yourself why. It's probably so that you get so bamboozled with information during the first couple of weeks that you forget to ask, and then you get left with a useless product - many retailers use this ploy all the time - it's called inertia marketing.

As far as we are concerned, it will easily take you a couple of months to get to grips with trading, so the very least we can do is offer you a good run for your money - of 60 days (2 months) full access - before deciding if trading is for you. If not, no problem, we can part ways as friends - and a full refund - no questions asked.

Please note, that we will not allow abuse of our product regarding the guarantee, we KNOW the information works, so if you read and watch the video tutorials, digest the information and practice, then you will make a profit. This is not the usual rubbish you see advertised on the internet by chancers looking to make a few quid, this product was created by a professional trader, and is a professional product.

Therefore, if you enjoy buying into all the silly claims marketers make, and are looking to 'get rich' from the latest conveyor belt creation that is currently trending, then this product is not for you. There will be no white doves flying into your bank account daily to deposit money, you will need to actually do something and learn this, which we appreciate can be a scary prospect for some.

This is a product that works, hence this sales page is small, no spurious 'free gifts' or anything to insult your intelligence, and straight to the point; so if you are looking for a genuine course (that existing customers say is the best available on the internet in the last 20 years!) on how to scalp, trade, and profit from the Betfair markets, from somebody who does it daily, and you are prepared to put the effort in, then please use the purchase link below on this page.

NOTE: Our customers tell us the course is worth 20 x this amount - and so will you.. remember all the 'crap' you have purchased in the past that didn't work?, all those ebooks in that 'special' folder on your computer that once promised the earth, and that you read once and realised were worthless? Well, this DOES work, and  WILL work, and the price is far less than the course is worth and will be increased shortly. When you see the member content you will see why...

This customer certainly thought it was worth it, and made £140 profit in his first 2 days trading live:

Jon Made £160 Scalping in First 2 Days

Join The Betfair Trading Course Below

We are considering increasing the price very soon, and when you see the amount of content, and value this product contains you will quickly see why the price will increase soon.

Offered for an introductory Price of Just £89.97

Please note, that after payment you will automatically be redirected to the account creation page with complete instructions on how to access the course. This account page will be linked to your payment details.

Remember, we have retained 99% of our members for good reason.

Find out why, by joining today. 

Please use the button below to view the order page for gain immediate access:

Price Will be Increasing very soon after this first launch, and when you see the amount of content this product contains you will quickly see why the price will increase soon

Offered for an Introductory Price of Just £89.97

Please note, that after payment you will automatically be redirected to the account creation page with complete instructions on how to access the course. This page will be specific, and linked to your payment details.

Please use the button below to Purchase:

Order The Betfair Trading Course - Click here

We look forward to seeing you on the inside!


Stuart - Betfair Scalping and Trading Course

PS: This is not the usual rubbish that you may have bought in the past, but a professional training course by a professional trader, as you will quickly realise... you can continue to chase silly dreams that there is no shortage of online, or you can decide right now, to invest in something that actually WORKS! I absolutely guarantee that you will be impressed with this course, and that it will work for you - if you put the effort in, as other members are already finding out.

PPS:  Firstly we have had Brexit, then Covid-19,  and now massive inflation eroding incomes, which means living costs are going up all over the place as the expected recession starts to bite; mass job losses and everything else. This is now our reality, and we have to deal with it the best way we can; therefore make sure that you are in a position to offset the increased living costs, and start learning how to make a tax free income - this is exactly what we will be teaching you on the course!

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