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Member Feedback Emails

A Sample of around 150+ Emails From Actual Customers on the Betfair Trading Course: We receive emails on a daily basis without fail from members who have used, and are still on the course. The course has now entered it's 5th year, and more and more members are now coming forward to thank us for providing the trading skills the course offers - many of them have now gone full time as a trader as a result.

We could easily fill this whole website with similar testimonials we have received since launching this course.

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This page is best viewed on a tablet or a computer because there is a lot of information, with videos, and the style sheet may not show up very well on the screen of a small phone. Our advice would be that if you are having issues viewing the content, to bookmark it, or send the link to yourself by email, and view it on a tablet/pc. We wouldn't want you to miss out.

And the following is 150+ actual Member emails, chosen at random claiming their experiences of the Betfair Trading Course. The emails were not asked for; they were sent voluntarily, and without prompting - something we are extremely proud about.

If you like we are happy to show you the original emails from our Outlook Express email account, just ask - personal details blurred out of course. 

Every single email & testimonial on this website can be legally validated as being sent into us by a member of our Betfair Trading Course - should it be required, as we believe in 100% transparency:

Please note: we have just changed our email client from Outlook Express to eM Client, hence why some of the latest feedback looks different in format. (eM Client is very much recommended!) Much more daily feedback is shown on the actual course...and as always all emails can be legally validated if required.

Where emails have mentioned member-only content, this will obviously be blurred out:

voluntarily, and without prompting
keith bfscalper review feedback

The above member, Keith, emailed back a few days later...

mick bfscalper review

The rest of these member emails, were received our old email client - Outlook Express: 

Shane Ball BFScalper Reviews
dan connoly bfscalper review
Desrene BFScalper Course Review
Michael Douglas BFScalper Review
steve garden bf-scalper feedback
Malcolm Gardiner BFScalping Course Testimonial
BFScalper Testimnonial from Tahir
Chris Ram Scalping Course Feedback
Jon Made £160 Scalping in First 2 Days
Ric Hawkins Scalping Testimonial and Review
Chris Broughton Scalping Testimonial
Jon Forst Scalping Feedback Email

Jon then emailed back a few days later sharing his profits:

Jon Scalping Profits Email
Chris Witson Scalping Testimonials
Michael Review
Billy Lyons Scalping Reviews
Gary Parker Scalping Feedback Email
steven duff betfair scalping feedback
shaun t scalping feedback email

And here are some Facebook Messenger messages that have been sent in over the last 24 hours.

greetings from Austria
Dean Facebook Feedback
mr matt ollengurg facebook review

Together with some recent chatter on Facebook discussing the Course:

Facebook Scalping Course Chatter

We have hundreds of more emails, and testimonials that we can, and probably will add to this page at some stage, all of which show that what we teach actually works.

Now you can see why we manage to retain 99% of our members

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