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We have now trained over 2,000+ Members to make profits from Betfair. Perfect as a gift, or for learning over the Christmas period.

The video below will explain how £128 profit was made in 30 minutes using the strategies we will teach you on our award winning Betfair Scalping Course:

How The Betfair Scalping Course Works for Profit
The Following Video Will Explain The Basic Scalping/Trading Concept:
How To Make Daily Profits From Home by Scalping The Betfair Markets With The UK's Most Popular Online Trading Course

The above member, Philip, joined the Betfair Scalping Profits course just 6 and a half weeks ago (again, at the time of writing), and members send us in their screenshots and emails on an almost daily basis, which is great to see and we also share some of them, and their comments in the members area.
And an email that came in recently:
As you can see on the above video, £128 profit was made on just three races tonight, which gives you a indication of what this Betfair course can teach you.
Allow Me To Start With a Recent Member Screenshot Sent in:
Before I start to explain how this Betfair Scalping Profits course can benefit you, and generate potential profits, I just want to show you an example of the type of gains some our members are making. The following is one day's profits for one member, and was made (at the time of writing this) just 4 days ago.
 As you will see from the member's Betfair Profit and Loss account, by following the principles outlined in the course, and using the strategies we teach this member made £118.35 in just one day:

Put simply, any time you have spare and can sit down at a computer you can use these scalping methods to positive effect. As already mentioned, there are approximately 20+ horse races per day in the UK and Ireland, and that is 7 days per week these days, so you really do have the freedom to use the scalping methods whenever you need to.

Before deciding to invest in a popular product such as the Betfair Scalping, and Pre-Race Course, we appreciate that you may wish to learn more about the team, who is offering the course, and we are happy to oblige.

The course is brought to you by Home Business Direct, who have been publishing consumer, and educational content for over 20 years. In fact we have just celebrated our 20th Anniversary in business. In that time we have attracted well over 40,000+ customers over a wide spectrum of different genres, including but not limited to:

  • Business
  • Personal Finance
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  • Educational Products
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One of our main areas of publishing, and expertise is the 'home income' genre, and the Betfair Trading Course is taught by extremely experienced traders, who will outline their strategies and experience for those who wish to learn how to trade, follow in their footsteps, and profit from Betfair on a regular basis.

The Betfair Scalping, and Pre-Race Course is now into it's 6th year since launch, in which time the course has generated endless thousands of satisfied members who continue to log into the website, and gain value far exceeding the cost of membership.

We also have a 99% retention rate of members on the Betfair Trading Course, which if you were in any doubt what that means, then in this industry, or any membership based industry, that percentage of member retention is unheard of, thereby demonstrating the fact that the principles, and strategies instructed on the course actually work - In fact, we guarantee it.

One thing we will say about the gambling/trading genre, is that we are regularly approached by individuals who have strategies that profit on a regular basis, and there are many such people who do not advertise their abilities in any format.

This demonstrates to us that there are very many traders, and gamblers who make regular profits with their own strategies - they just don't advertise how they make their profits, and are not branded/associated with websites like Betfair, so please do not fall into the online marketing trap of believing that only certain 'names' in the trading fraternity can offer such strategies based on 'perceived' expertise. That belief is far from the truth, based on the information we are regularly sent in (and test) for potential publication.

Much of the feedback we receive from members on the Betfair Trading Course comes from members who have tried everything else that is already out there regarding Betfair trading, which obviously highlights the fact that they have not succeeded with previous materials. In fact much of the feedback we are sent in mentions certain well known traders, and their materials that members have previously failed to gain enough value from, we just remove trader names from such feedback out of professional courtesy.

We are not questioning trading capabilities of other vendors in the trading niche, far from it, we are just explaining that the teaching style, together with the 'why', 'when', and 'how' strategies explained on our trading course is extremely well received by our customers  - and our member feedback reflects that, as you will see for yourself.

The feedback of the Betfair Pre-Race Course has far exceeded our expectations, so much so that if we published all the daily testimonials, emails, and screenshots of profits generated by members, the website would be inundated with such materials; although much of the feedback is now published on the course itself, thus providing a platform for members to see how other members are progressing.

We have purposely tried to underestimate the potential of the course materials to readers of this website, as we are very much aware how many potential members may have been conditioned to think Betfair trading is 'easy', or that a profit can be generated without application, when the truth is, that only those willing to place applied effort into making a profit will succeed, which is how it should be.

We believe this Betfair Trading Course to be the most comprehensive, and professional on the market today; and with the instructional capability to actually generate the user a profit -  and very many of our customers think the same.

If you don't believe that the Course offers the value, or profit potential you require, then a full refund can be applied for -  we are that confident in this product.

If you have any questions, or queries, then please don't hesitate to contact us using the link provided on this website.

Price Will be Increasing very soon after this first launch, and when you see the amount of content this product contains you will quickly see why the price will increase soon

Offered for an Introductory Price of Just £89.97

Please note, that after payment you will automatically be redirected to the account creation page with complete instructions on how to access the course. This page will be specific, and linked to your payment details.

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