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Betfair Exchange Trading into 2021 – Year End Summary

As we approach the end of another year of Betfair Exchange trading, we are of course reminded what a strange year 2020 has been. It all started so well, didn’t it? We were just getting into the year, and then around March time we were all made aware that there was this ‘virus-thingy’ being talked about in China, and with a handful of cases starting to sprout up in other countries.

I don’t think we really took it that serious to begin with, did we? In fact we booked a holiday in March, not thinking too much about it. Then as the weeks progressed it quickly became fairly obvious to anybody with half a brain-cell, that something serious was happening: Covid-19.

I remember reading about Tom Hanks and his wife catching Covid-19, and then Donald Trump closing all flights into the US, and everything kind of snowballed rapidly after that.

This year has potentially changed our future..

Football started to close up shop, as did other sports, and then eventually horse racing in the UK was cancelled due to there being no medical services present. Then we had the full UK lock-down when people (mostly) actually listened and stayed home.

Then of course we had Dominic Cummings and the stories of him not adhering to his own rules, and after that, I feel the UK just thought: “Well, if the people who created the rules are not even going to abide by them, why should we?!…” I personally feel Boris, our Prime Minister, lost a lot of respect from the British public when he didn’t sack that guy; but hey, nothing we can really do about it.

Then of course we had the black lives matter protests, right in the middle of this pandemic, which although the topic/subject was valid, to do so in the middle of such a crisis was probably not the wisest move. That’s an entirely different subject for another day.

Lessons to be learned for humanity…hopefully

It’s at this time of year we are usually getting ready for our yearly visit to our winter wonderland – our yearly skiing trip to the Arctic Circle; and course members will remember me showing them details after some of the trips. All cancelled this year, together with the 4 holidays we also had booked in 2020. Not ideal obviously, but I suppose in the grand scheme of things, and considering some of the loss people have endured this year, it is not something to complain about.

Times have certainly changed, maybe permanently, and as I was saying to my wife just this afternoon, I feel humanity was caught napping. With the internet revolution, technology improving no end, and times being good for many, we thought we were invincible as a species; but if anything, we have been awoken to dangers of the past, and hopefully we are more prepared for future generations.

…I say ‘hopefully’, although based on some of the shenanigans we have seen this year from many governments around the world, we have simply been guessing for the last 8/9 months, and reacting, instead of being proactive. Hopefully a lesson has been learned – although I highly doubt it.

To be honest, I have found the whole Covid-19 situation rather interesting, as it has given us a unique insight into the mindsets of many. One conclusion I have come to (which didn’t surprise me, as I’d always suspected), is that many of those who we live amongst, simply cannot be trusted to think for themselves.

……Think about those crackpots who indulge in toilet-roll splurges (what the actual feck is all that about….); panic-buying sheeples with just cannot think for themselves; idiots not wearing masks, and many people strolling around during a world-wide pandemic without a care in the world for others. We have been taught – in such a short space of time – the selfishness of many.

All in all 2020 has not been great; in fact, you could say it has been a waste of nearly a whole year – a real shit-show, in layman’s terms…

Covid-19, Betfair Exchange Trading and our Members?

Life has been almost normal (I would say) in the world of Betfair trading.

Strangely enough, we had a lot of members join us during the first lock-down, because many people had a lot of time on their hands; but what was really interesting, is that when horse racing started up again in the UK, we also had a LOT more members sending positive emails than ever before.


Simple really, it’s because members, new and old, really had the time to digest the content without life getting in the way, and then when racing re-started, all the months of theory (together with the new 10 hours worth of practice videos we had put on, together with some Australian and US racing – which continued) was put into action, and member emails showing positivity, including Betfair profit & loss screenshots shot up.

Think about it, before all this Covid-19 started, life was normal, and generally we are all pretty busy people, so trying to learn a different subject sometimes gets placed on the back-burner – something you’ll come back to ‘when you have the time’.

The reality is, if you really want to learn something, then you can always make the time, so a lack of time is largely an excuse; but when the virus hit, people couldn’t make excuses anymore – they literally were sat on their backsides doing nothing – so they had the time to learn (which they always had….).

We’ve always receive a lot of feedback for our Betfair Trading Course – as you’ve probably seen and read on our website, but this was something on an entirely different-level. More members, with more time = REAL learning.

What this proved, was that with time, and the lack of distractions, ANYBODY can learn to trade.

We have far more long-term members now seeing the fruits of their hard work, and I think the lock-downs we have endured have helped them also.

For example just today, at the time of writing, a member sent me an email with his latest weekly profit and loss screenshot, showing how he made well over £3,200+ in the last 7 days alone:

Betfair Exchange Profits Gary

Now if the writing on that email is a little too small (due to blog width limitations) allow me to blow up the profit & loss section:


Impressive, I’m sure you will agree, and this shows what is possible when you really have the time to learn, and life’s distractions are placed to one side for a couple of months.

So Betfair Exchange trading has not really been affected by the Covid-19 virus – quite the opposite, in fact – members are flying high with a wealth of knowledge, and a hunger to use it profitably…

A brand new year ahead – For Betfair Exchange trading.

There is a lot of uncertainty at the moment, and as we know unemployment is creeping up daily, as more, and more ‘high street’ retailers become victims of this pandemic, and the hospitality sector is on it’s knees – but one positive for us, is that we can still trade – members new and old can still extract a profit from the Betfair Exchanges. I doubt that will ever change (as long as the racing is on, and Betfair is around).

With all the talk of vaccines being created and given the go ahead, we have to be positive that once again we can get back to some sort of normality, and I think we are all optimistic that this can happen sooner, rather than later.

Personally? I think we are talking at least a year before all the vaccines are rolled out, and there will be some very interesting times in-between, but at the end of the day, we HAVE to be positive, and if you have time of your hands, or are looking at ways to increasing the scope of your earning potential, then I also feel there is no better time than right now to learn how to trade the Betfair exchanges.

The alternative is what? You rely on the government, and their wishy-washy stance on dealing with most aspects that affect YOUR life? No, I think more people than ever are now realising that those in power do not always have your best interests at heart (all they really care about is votes…..and their inflated egos), and with the guaranteed tax rises that will happen over the next 12 months, to pay for all the money the government has spent during Covid-19, why not limit such a hit by exploring a new potential income stream.

……All it takes is time…and you do have that!

And with that, I will wish you all a fantastic festive season ahead, and let’s all hope for new horizons in 2021.

Stay well, safe, and take care of yourselves.


Stuart 🙂



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2 thoughts to “Betfair Exchange Trading into 2021 – Year End Summary”

  1. Hi Stuart,
    Just bought the Betfair Trading Courses.
    Love the way you write mate, really captivating.
    What a journey for you, amazing.
    I am going to get stuck in now & looking forward to what 2021 brings.
    Kind Regards Ralph

    1. Hi Ralph,

      Good to have you on board, and thank you for your kind words.

      Anything you need, you know where I am.


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