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£1,000 Profit Per Week Trading on Betfair. Possible?

Very often I will get asked the same questions regarding trading on Betfair, and this usually goes down the lines of: “How much money can I make trading on Betfair?”, and this question is usually followed by a certain ‘numbers’. £1,000 per week profit is definitely a number that gets mentioned often.

Of course, if somebody can do something in this life, then it can usually be replicated by others – if you are following the same thought-patterns, and using the same strategies as the person who achieved it in the first place.

In the members area of my course: The Betfair Trading Course, I have member feedback pages which are inundated with profit examples sent in from members, and what they are achieving. Of course this will depend on the stage of their own trading journey, and the effort applied – as success in any field, especially trading Betfair, is always relative to how much application is pressed against learning the subject.

A Member Making £100 Per Day from Betfair.

On this very blog a while ago, I shown how one of my members was making £100 profit per day trading Betfair, and very many members have done this now. – many have now gone full-time. What I find is (and this is after the course having been running for over 7 years now, and in that time I must have received tens of thousands of email communications with members), is that those who progress the most; learn the most, are the members who take their time to really digest the content, and the learning materials they have invested in.

…It makes sense, right?

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betfair exchange trading 2021

Betfair Exchange Trading into 2021 – Year End Summary

As we approach the end of another year of Betfair Exchange trading, we are of course reminded what a strange year 2020 has been. It all started so well, didn’t it? We were just getting into the year, and then around March time we were all made aware that there was this ‘virus-thingy’ being talked about in China, and with a handful of cases starting to sprout up in other countries.

I don’t think we really took it that serious to begin with, did we? In fact we booked a holiday in March, not thinking too much about it. Then as the weeks progressed it quickly became fairly obvious to anybody with half a brain-cell, that something serious was happening: Covid-19.

I remember reading about Tom Hanks and his wife catching Covid-19, and then Donald Trump closing all flights into the US, and everything kind of snowballed rapidly after that.

This year has potentially changed our future..

Football started to close up shop, as did other sports, and then eventually horse racing in the UK was cancelled due to there being no medical services present. Then we had the full UK lock-down when people (mostly) actually listened and stayed home.

Then of course we had Dominic Cummings and the stories of him not adhering to his own rules, and after that, I feel the UK just thought: “Well, if the people who created the rules are not even going to abide by them, why should we?!…” I personally feel Boris, our Prime Minister, lost a lot of respect from the British public when he didn’t sack that guy; but hey, nothing we can really do about it. Read More

Betfair Account Suspended? Or a Closed Account? Read This:

Over the last few months, I have been reading about many Betfair users having their accounts closed/suspended. But at the same time OUR Betfair Course members do not have their Betfair accounts closed.

Therefore, let me explain why our members are protected – and more importantly, HOW!

Betfair as a business are predominantly a digital operation, IE: They are an online business, and everything runs with data – and data costs money! No business worth their salt are going to allow ‘free-loaders’, and this is why many people are having issues with their Betfair accounts. This is not new, but with the explosion in sports trading over the last couple of years, there are now more and more disgruntled Betfair customers than ever before.

How does Betfair data cost them money? 

Well, think about it. All these websites you visit, even eBay, Twitter, Facebook and the likes have their websites hosted on servers, and servers are basically computers with a very large hard-drive capacity. So when you visit a website, or extract/read content from such a website, traffic (electricity, which we know is not free) flows through these servers in order to present the web-page on your computer, tablet, or phone; and this costs money to the end user – the website owners.

I actually have some personal experience with this, as I used to own a sizable hosting company many years ago; with multiple servers, and around 12,000+ websites – believe me, it costs money for data, so I get why more, and more companies are stopping the abuse – it is a real headache keeping on top of drive space and increasing costs!

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Betfair Trading Strike Rates – How to Maintain Consistency

About 6 months after launching the Betfair trading course, it quickly came to my attention, that although I knew members were enjoying the course content, and progressing well, there was a common theme beginning to emerge, and it is this common theme that I just want to highlight on this post today.

What I began to realise, was that members who had been on the course at least a couple of months, began to send me emails, together with screenshots showing their profit and loss. Of course members sent such emails earlier on in their journey as well, which was great to see also. But, something was starting to happen, and I could see a pattern developing.

The type of emails I want to talk about here, and explain in some more details, are the ones that started to show a consistent 90%+ strike rate.

Is There a Right Way of Betfair Trading? I Wanted to Find Out.

As a trader myself, I had always been in the high 90% strike rates when I trade, but what I didn’t know at the early stage of the course creation, was whether the teachings would ‘migrate’ enough for members to replicate these type of statistics. It’s like if Wayne Rooney started a football academy, he obviously wouldn’t know how successful he would be in passing on the skills, that he himself had learned over the years. Read More

Betfair Course Member’s 48 Wins in a Row & 95% Success Rate

As the creator of our Betfair Trading Course, I am always humbled by the gratitude of members when they are emailing me to say thank you. Now I say humbled because it is true. I created the course so that the average person could learn how to trade, and trade without all the BS marketing that usually accompanies products in this genre.

Member’s 95% Success Rate and 48 Winning Trades on the Trot

Therefore, when the screenshots (showing profit and loss) are sent in by members I sometimes show these on the course iteself, which acts as inspiration for new members joining, as well as showing what is really possible when you knuckle down, take trading seriously, and take some positive action.

One such member sent me an email a couple of days ago, and I have discussed this already in the Member feedback section of the course, but for those reading this now, and who maybe looking at entering the world of Betfair trading, I think it will be interesting to show you the actual email from this particular member:

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Betfair Scalper Year End

Fake Reviews, Stolen Trading Content. Another Successful Year

As the year of 2018 comes to a gradual close, we all take a time out for some reflection.

It is of course at this time of year, that we start to sit back and look at what we may have achieved for the previous 11/12 months. Did you start that project you wanted to start? Did you hit your financial projections that you may have set this time last year?

We all pause for thought at certain stages of our life.

For our Betfair trading course, it really has been another great year; and in fact more members joined in the last 12 months, than the first 12 months.

All good, positive stuff.

Now when you launch a successful product, or in this case a trading course that many people are talking favourably about, this starts to generate some unwanted attention – which can be amusing sometimes, and it tells you a lot about human nature 🙂 Read More

Betfair Trading Secret

The Number. 1 Betfair Profit Secret Successful Traders Live By.

You all probably know by now that our Betfair Trading Course generates very good feedback, and that we make a point of showing such feedback as inspiration of exactly what can be achieved when trading the markets.

Not only that, but we also believe that reading and watching what other successful members are doing on the course helps new traders looking to enter the Betfair trading arena.

I also know that in this ‘sports trading’ niche, very many people are searching for the ‘magic ingredient’ that will change their fortunes, and change them from being a dreamer of profits, into an achiever of profits. People will continually search for this ‘secret’ of what actually makes other people a profit.

Let me tell you now, you have got it all wrong.

Is there a secret? Of course, will you find it? Lets find out…

But, I am about to tell you what the secret to successful Betfair trading is on this very page…

Read on to find out. It may not be what you hope to find, but in life, we don’t always get what we want. On the other hand, it might be EXACTLY what you are looking for. Read More


How To Make £100 a Day Trading on Betfair – With Proof – And a Warning!

Now it is not often that I claim the amount of money that can be made when trading on Betfair, because we are all at different levels, and learn differently, but I also believe that it provides good inspiration if potential members can actually see what is possible.

We have also made a conscious effort on the sales page to ensure that you are under no illusions as to the fact that sustained effort is needed during, and after your learning phase.

It is also human nature not to want to put any effort into something that you cannot see immediate gains for, and that is also true with trading.

Betfair trading for profit takes time

But, if you were to imagine for a second, that you had spent, say, 6 months learning how to trade, you didn’t rush your learning and really took it seriously; and at the end of that 6 month period you were now in a position of being able to extract regular profits from the Betfair betting exchanges.

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Want Betfair Trading Success? Stop The Damaging Habits Immediately!

It has been said that as humans we are creatures of habit, and that is true, but not all habits are leading you down a path you want to go down. And that is especially true where trading Betfair is concerned; unless of course you are not interested in succeeding in your trading activities, and if that is true, then please stop reading now.

You see, most people are damn lazy. Yup, you heard that right. Most people would rather not go to work, they would rather everything handed to them on a plate so that they can do the ‘enjoyable’ things in life without getting their hands dirty.

The problem with this mentality, is that it is so far from the natural order of the world that many people who ‘want’ to succeed without putting the required effort in, are becoming seriously deluded, and frankly, living in cloud cuckoo land.

Your must change your damaging habits to succeed

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betfair course leadership

Betfair Trading Courses – We Are Leading The Field, So It Seems

As I mentioned in my last post on this blog, the success of our Betfair Trading Course took me a little bit by surprise really, not because I didn’t believe my strategies, and methodologies worked – I know they do, and so do very many others via the course teachings, but the surprise came at just how lethargic the other courses were on the subject of Betfair.

I had not really looked at any other courses as I believe in making my own way, making my own mistakes in life, and not buying into the hype of a subject (especially with the internet becoming a seemingly ever-increasing factor on choice).

The Betfair Niche Was Seriously Lacking in REAL Instruction.

But when you consider that the topic of sports trading, or to cut that down further: Betfair trading, which has become so popular in recent years, you would really have thought that there would have been some substantial products already in the market, teaching people how to really trade – but that wasn’t really the case.

Sure, there were a few products, and courses out there, but none that anybody would, or could consider had the ‘wow’ factor, or that consumers of such courses were raving about based on profits generated from anything they had learned. This is why I knew my own Betfair course would become popular, fairly quickly – and that is exactly how it turned out. Read More