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£1,000 Profit Per Week Trading on Betfair. Possible?

Very often I will get asked the same questions regarding trading on Betfair, and this usually goes down the lines of: “How much money can I make trading on Betfair?”, and this question is usually followed by a certain ‘numbers’. £1,000 per week profit is definitely a number that gets mentioned often.

Of course, if somebody can do something in this life, then it can usually be replicated by others – if you are following the same thought-patterns, and using the same strategies as the person who achieved it in the first place.

In the members area of my course: The Betfair Trading Course, I have member feedback pages which are inundated with profit examples sent in from members, and what they are achieving. Of course this will depend on the stage of their own trading journey, and the effort applied – as success in any field, especially trading Betfair, is always relative to how much application is pressed against learning the subject.

A Member Making £100 Per Day from Betfair.

On this very blog a while ago, I shown how one of my members was making £100 profit per day trading Betfair, and very many members have done this now. – many have now gone full-time. What I find is (and this is after the course having been running for over 7 years now, and in that time I must have received tens of thousands of email communications with members), is that those who progress the most; learn the most, are the members who take their time to really digest the content, and the learning materials they have invested in.

…It makes sense, right?

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Betfair Exchange Trading

Betfair Exchange Course Update – 4 Years Since We Officially Launched BFScalper

This month, October 2020, marks the 4 year anniversary since we launched the Betfair Exchange Trading Course – BFScalper – and what a remarkable 4 years it has been.

Ironically, and thinking back, I probably regret naming the course: ‘BFScalper’, because the course encompasses an array of different pre-race trading methodologies – and not just ‘scalping’, but  I won’t be changing it now.

When I initially launched the course, had I known then what I know now, I wouldn’t quite have believed it, because although the course has grown exponentially since the early days, so has the member successes.

We now have many thousands of members on this Betfair Exchange Course.

You see, it’s easy to launch a product and claim it will do x, y and z for buyers, but the proof of the pudding is always in the eating… and this is where I have always placed the emphasis.

Facts matter… bullshit?… well, you can keep that on YouTube…

Don’t get me wrong, it has been damned hard work, and when you consider the course started with around 8 hours of HD training, and now has well over 40+ hours, it is easy to see how much work has gone into the materials for members; but there is no point pumping out endless video tutorials – if what is being taught does not work…. This is where we are different….

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Betfair Course Member’s 48 Wins in a Row & 95% Success Rate

As the creator of our Betfair Trading Course, I am always humbled by the gratitude of members when they are emailing me to say thank you. Now I say humbled because it is true. I created the course so that the average person could learn how to trade, and trade without all the BS marketing that usually accompanies products in this genre.

Member’s 95% Success Rate and 48 Winning Trades on the Trot

Therefore, when the screenshots (showing profit and loss) are sent in by members I sometimes show these on the course iteself, which acts as inspiration for new members joining, as well as showing what is really possible when you knuckle down, take trading seriously, and take some positive action.

One such member sent me an email a couple of days ago, and I have discussed this already in the Member feedback section of the course, but for those reading this now, and who maybe looking at entering the world of Betfair trading, I think it will be interesting to show you the actual email from this particular member:

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Betfair Trading Courses – We Are Leading The Field, So It Seems

As I mentioned in my last post on this blog, the success of our Betfair Trading Course took me a little bit by surprise really, not because I didn’t believe my strategies, and methodologies worked – I know they do, and so do very many others via the course teachings, but the surprise came at just how lethargic the other courses were on the subject of Betfair.

I had not really looked at any other courses as I believe in making my own way, making my own mistakes in life, and not buying into the hype of a subject (especially with the internet becoming a seemingly ever-increasing factor on choice).

The Betfair Niche Was Seriously Lacking in REAL Instruction.

But when you consider that the topic of sports trading, or to cut that down further: Betfair trading, which has become so popular in recent years, you would really have thought that there would have been some substantial products already in the market, teaching people how to really trade – but that wasn’t really the case.

Sure, there were a few products, and courses out there, but none that anybody would, or could consider had the ‘wow’ factor, or that consumers of such courses were raving about based on profits generated from anything they had learned. This is why I knew my own Betfair course would become popular, fairly quickly – and that is exactly how it turned out. Read More