How To Make £100 a Day Trading on Betfair – With Proof – And a Warning!

Now it is not often that I claim the amount of money that can be made when trading on Betfair, because we are all at different levels, and learn differently, but I also believe that it provides good inspiration if potential members can actually see what is possible.

We have also made a conscious effort on the sales page to ensure that you are under no illusions as to the fact that sustained effort is needed during, and after your learning phase.

It is also human nature not to want to put any effort into something that you cannot see immediate gains for, and that is also true with trading.

Betfair trading for profit takes time

But, if you were to imagine for a second, that you had spent, say, 6 months learning how to trade, you didn’t rush your learning and really took it seriously; and at the end of that 6 month period you were now in a position of being able to extract regular profits from the Betfair betting exchanges.

Would you consider that to be time well spent?

Only you can answer that, and the problem with ‘future’ gains’ is that if you are not progressing in the time frame you want, then you may have the temptation to give up, to quit, and to ‘knock it on the head’ – and again, this is human nature.

Betfair trading takes time

But, when you also consider that there are certain traders who make their living from trading, who use their Betfair trading activities to put food on the table, and pay all their bills, and live their lives using such income, then you have to agree that once you have gained the knowledge to be in this position – for potentially a lifetime worth of income – then a few months of actually learning how to do something has to be worth while?

Since we launched our Betfair Trading (and Scalping) Course, it has opened my eyes to the differences in how people behave where money is concerned (or future money – if the effort is applied). And what I have learned most, is that most people genuinely do appreciate, and understand that we are living in a time of uncertainty.

Things are changing – have no doubts about that

I have had many conversations with members (by phone and email) regarding Betfair trading, and the market itself. I have been told by many members that our course was the first training that actually made a difference, which although that is great to hear, it also seems that we are attracting a type of member that is now fully understanding that effort = rewards.

This is great to see, because the uncertainty I mention above is very real.

With Brexit on the horizon (and the UK government making a royal mess of things – as per usual), then we cannot take anything for granted anymore. And without trying to sound like a cloud of doom, you only have to watch any of the recent press (not that I watch much myself) to see things are starting to change, and change in a big way.

Here are just a few of the latest headlines:



All scary stuff, yes?

Job security is vanishing – fast!

Companies in a variety of business sectors are also dropping like flies; and yes, I know, none of this can ever be proved that it was solely down to Brexit, or anything else, but does it really matter what the reasons are?

It is happening, and as the internet grows stronger by the day, and the digital age progresses at lighting speed, businesses will continue to struggle, which means employment is becoming far more difficult to maintain – or achieve!

I also doubt that the majority of voters had any kind of idea what the ramifications would be on leaving the EU, other than what they may have read in their chosen newspapers, and were almost brainwashed into by the press.  I personally dont think that there should ever have been a referendum, which let’s face it, happened on a promise to keep the previous party in power, and it backfired spectacularly.

In the UK we have built a rod for our own backs, because we have literally become a nanny state, and this has been abused on a scale that wasn’t anticipated, but has now become impossible to reverse.

The damage is done.

I don’t know what your political persuasion is, and frankly, it is none of my business, although it does not really matter which way you voted in the EU debacle, because one thing we can all agree on, is that any possible advantage we, the UK gain from leaving the EU won’t be felt for very many years into the future – maybe even 30+ years before we see any advantage (if any – and I have my doubts).

But, it does not matter, because it’s going to happen folks.

It is how you deal with things in life that makes the difference.

The way I live my life, is that although I am aware of certain situations happening in the world that may, or may not affect me, if I cannot do anything about them, then I give them absolutely ZERO space in my brain. As the old saying goes, there is no point worrying about things that you cannot change.

Increasing your income is something you CAN change

As I already alluded to, we are living in a digital age, and that is only going to increase in ways we cannot comprehend currently.

Employment rates are now going down at a fast rate of knots. Robots are said to take over the jobs of endless amounts of people over the coming years, and if you were a business owner where this could be implemented, then to save money you would probably go down that route as well – it makes economic sense.

But where does that leave you? Are you in a ‘job for life’, where there will never be a possibility of being made redundant? Or are you self employed and will rely on your wits to get you through the next 50 years, and into retirement?

Those are questions that many people are now asking themselves, and those that take as much action as they can to try and secure their futures, will be the ones who gain more control over their own lives – as nobody else is going to do it for you!

So what options do you have?

Well, are you actually capable of thinking outside of the box?

Can you think in a way that separates you from the masses of people out there who will simply ‘go with the flow’, and who will accept any bone the government decides to throw in their direction?

I decided many years ago, that to secure your own future, and those that you may represent, that I had to act, and think very differently to 99% of the population.

Let me give you an example of my day, and my way of thinking…


I know, because I have spent many years building up a knowledge base, that if I need to, I can make a few quid. I can pay my bills, pay for a few ‘luxuries’, and never worry about the unexpected repair that always seems to arrive at the wrong time.

But the beauty of being able to make money the way I do, is that I am not reliant on anybody else.

Sure, Betfair needs to be around, but they are not going anywhere soon, and of course I need other gamblers/traders to participate in the markets – again, that will always happen unless something totally out of the ordinary surfaces.

I am not reliant on any employer, have no customers to contend with (apart from course members, which I actually enjoy helping, which is the reason I created the course in the first place), and I can make a profit sitting at home at pretty much anytime of the day I need to.

When that time of the year comes around, when the government have their silly budget, and everybody is then busy with their calculators trying to work out how much worse off they are going to be, I simply ignore it, because I decided years ago not to let other people control my actions, or decisions. I couldn’t give toss frankly, because in life , it is what YOU do what matters, and YOU are responsible for changing your direction.

Being in control of your own life gives you unparalleled freedom, and flexibility.

I’ll give you an example (you know I like to give examples…)

For the last 2 days I have been fitting a pergola to the decking of our house, and I thought it would be a fairly easy job – we always do, don’t we? 🙂 – cut, measure; a few bolts inserted here and there, and I’d have it ‘done in a day’.

Firstly, the pergola arrived in a crap condition (for want of a better word – it was crap, rotting wood due to poor storage) so I couldn’t start it immediately, but I thought I would do the ground work and increase stability under the decking ready for the weight that will be added with the pergola (they are extremely heavy!).

I lifted of a few deck boards and could immediately see that some of the joists would need replacing – which is going to all take far more time than I had anticipated. In fact I am sat here writing this whilst it is raining, because I will be launching myself into the project again tomorrow when it should be dry.

So what I anticipated to be a 1 day job, and so far turned into a 2 day job, and I have not even started the work yet! – and when I do, it is going to take me around 3 solid days (probably a week if I am being perfectly realistic).

Now, if I had a job, or was controlled and restricted by outside employment that rendered my time null and void for 8 hours a day, I’d have been up sh*t creek, and be left with a deck half missing, the garage full of bits of wood from the pergola, and a wife going absolutely crazy at all the mess.

The flexibility of a Betfair trader

But, I can take it steadily (the wife moaning aside), because I am not restricted for time; I have it, and I can spend a full day or two in the garden ‘fixing’ things, and doing the DIY I had intended, without worrying about money, because I know that I have skills that I can use to make a profit – even at 10pm at night if need be.

Of course I am talking about trading Betfair, with the onus being on the subject being a worthwhile skill to learn, to get you into the position so that no matter what life throws at you, you are comfortable in your circumstances.

And believe me, it really is a great position to be in – but it takes hard work to begin with.

With our trading course, we see many members all at varying stages of learning, and making different kind of profits, but the one common factor, and this is evident on a daily basis, is that the members who learn the most, make the most gains. It’s simply a fact.

Making £100 a day on Betfair in 4 months

Let me give you an example of a member, who has been on the course for just 4 months, and is now making £100+ profit a day using the skills, and strategies that he has learned. The following video is actually added to the Member Feedback section on the course (watch it in 720p HD):

As you can see, a member who only joined the course 4 months ago, and is now already generating profits of around £100 a day.

Do you think this member thought it was worth it, to spend the time, and energy required to actually learn how to trade on Betfair? I’d bet you my last pound that he does, and this is exactly what I am talking about here. Anything worthwhile takes time to learn, but when you consider the benefits of appying yourself where financial gains are concerned, the upsides are unbelievably high.

Once you have gained a position of being able to generate a profit, totally independent of whatever else is happening in the world, then you truly appreciate why you made the decision to invest some time, and effort into learning how to do so.

Time is never wasted when it is invested into learning a skill that can affect your daily life on a level that most people simply don’t understand.

Then no matter what life throws at you, as long as you have the comfort to know that you can put food on the table and maintain your standard of living, then everything else becomes much less of a burden.

You can let everybody else worry about the latest ‘bad news’ that the media are trying to spin. You can let everybody else worry about technology taking their jobs. You can let all and sundry fear for those latest bills that they had not budgeted for, or the next time the ‘Chancellor of the Exchequer’ decides to lie to us that he is doing us a favour by reducing some tax, only to have it replaced 10 fold on something else.

You take all worries away in life (health aside) by being in control of your finances.


….and all it takes is time, and a willingness to learn!







4 thoughts to “How To Make £100 a Day Trading on Betfair – With Proof – And a Warning!”

  1. Hi Stuart, I am very interested in Joining, had Lewis in that video used Betfair before? Jules

    1. Hi Julie,

      From what I remember, Lewis came from matched betting and wanted to try real trading as most of his accounts were being shut down by bookmakers, which is not a problem with just Betfair.

      The course will teach you right from the very beginning, so even with no experience at all, you should not have any issues, and in fact, I would say the majority of new members who joined did not have the experience.

      The above video is just one that is highlighted in the members area showing feedback, and results, and most of the videos in that section, which also shown screenshots of their profits, are from new members.

      It does take time to get to that level of profits, but providing you are willing to learn, and practice, then there is absolutely no reason why you too cannot make gains trading.

      I hope this helps,



  2. Thanks Stuart, I joined late last night, and me and the hubby have been going through things. It looks excellent so far. Thank you. Jules

  3. Very insightful and very true!

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