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Betfair trading systems. £1660 profit to £100 level stakes

It never ceases to amaze me how so many people buy into Betfair and gambling systems thinking they are actually going to work, but we have all been guilty of it at one time or another, many just don’t admit to it.

I have on my computer a file containing just about every conceivable gambling system that has ever been written. Honestly, it must be about 5 GB’s in size, and most of them are absolute crap, but they sound good when marketing them, and the gullible are always on the lookout for the next ‘big thing’, or that genuine ‘Holy Grail’ they have been searching for over the last 20 years.

Now I know people who have literally lost their shirts through gambling, and I also know people who have made a bundle, paid their debts off, and live comfortably through gambling, and there is a common theme amongst those who make their gambling, or trading pay. They test far more than the average Joe, and the results always show this. Read More

Welcome to the Betfair Scalping Blog

Welcome to The Betfair Scalping and Trading Blog

Dear readers,

This is just a quick post, to say that we have added an actual blog section to the website now. It is looking a little sparse at the moment as we have literally only put it up today.

Originally as you may or may not know, the original Betfair Scalping website was just a landing page, but as the course, and products we offer have grown in popularity, we thought it was time we added the blog so that we can add articles, reviews, and some content that we feel our readers, and members will find useful.

Yes, We Have A New Scalping Blog

We are not unfamiliar to the blogging world, but we have not thought is really necessary to add such a section previously, although as already mentioned, as there are so many people reading the website now, and asking for details of the Betfair Scalping Course, we thought it would be interesting to add some additional content.

Like I say, the blog side of things is a relatively new feature, and we are not sure how much it will grow.

Ironically, we have been playing with a landing page plugin for the last week or so, which has more bugs in it than an Amazon rain forest, but we will see how it goes, although the membership area for the course is a totally different area and is extremely fine tuned for performance 🙂

What was annoying is that on the new ‘How It Works’ page, we tediously spent 3 hours yesterday carefully adding around 100+ testimonials to the page, only to find that it only saved about 20 of them, and if you have never had the (dis) pleasure of building a website/blog template only to see it vanish into thin air, thus wasting whole chunks of your time in the process because the plugin failed to save the work, then take it from me, it is no fun!

Note: We do close the Scalping Course periodically

Just so you know, we very much value our time more than sales of the course, so we do close the course down from time to time.

The reason being is because we are already satisfied with the amount of members we have, so as an increased membership requires more support, we balance this with our value on free time, so if you do want to learn how to profit this way, then you are best advised to get in now before we close the course and move onto new projects.

As mentioned on the ‘How it works’ page, we have over 2,000+ members on the course now, so we have enough, and existing members will also gain access to any new products we launch

We will speak to you soon, and in the meantime, make sure you checkout how our course works, and we look forward to chatting in the members area!



Stuart, Robert & Pete