Betfair Trading Secret

The Number. 1 Betfair Profit Secret Successful Traders Live By.

You all probably know by now that our Betfair Trading Course generates very good feedback, and that we make a point of showing such feedback as inspiration of exactly what can be achieved when trading the markets.

Not only that, but we also believe that reading and watching what other successful members are doing on the course helps new traders looking to enter the Betfair trading arena.

I also know that in this ‘sports trading’ niche, very many people are searching for the ‘magic ingredient’ that will change their fortunes, and change them from being a dreamer of profits, into an achiever of profits. People will continually search for this ‘secret’ of what actually makes other people a profit.

Let me tell you now, you have got it all wrong.

Is there a secret? Of course, will you find it? Lets find out…

But, I am about to tell you what the secret to successful Betfair trading is on this very page…

Read on to find out. It may not be what you hope to find, but in life, we don’t always get what we want. On the other hand, it might be EXACTLY what you are looking for.

The secret of profitable Betfair Trading

OK, so now you expecting me to divulge some kind of secret key that will not require any effort? Or that you expect me to say do this, this and this – and get this?

Or maybe I could link you to an e-book with 300 words on it, that would mean you never, ever have to do another genuine days work in your life?

If only.

betfair key

If that were the case, then everybody would just trade for an hour a day, go for brunch in their recently delivered Ferrari, enjoy the afternoons at their leisure, and then spend their evenings in the most expensive restaurant in town planning your next around the world cruise. Life would be grand, wouldn’t it?

Unfortunately it is not, and never will be that easy – and I am NOT going to apologise for ripping away that child-like illusion most marketers likes to portray to the gullible – that trading is easy money – it isn’t!

Why do most aspiring traders/gamblers seek out the easy option?

I remember when I started to gamble, that I would spend a lot of my time trying to find out what other people were doing – mainly from newspaper adverts, or mailings from the industry – as there was no internet back in those days – but you would always read about people who ‘seemed’ to be making a profit.

Surely if they were advertising a way to make a profit gambling, that they, themselves would be a successful gambler also?

Not always true, but because you are in that mindset of trying to find something out, or compile some research, certainly ‘details’ fail to register on your common sense radar.

Have you ever looked for a betting system on eBay? I have not looked for a few years until a few days ago – just for a source of amusement in-between enjoying the current sunshine, and completing a few member emails, and this is an example of what I found:


Literally hundreds of so-called ‘systems’ available; mostly under £10, and most of them had fancy names as can see above, like “The Eliminator Method”, “Betting Shop Pro”, “The Red Hot System”, and other such complete, intelligence-insulting dross.

There is obviously a market for such crap, because the feedback of these sellers show buyers are actively purchasing these pdf documents expecting the seller to be parting with information that is beneficial, and buyers are genuinely thinking they can spend £14 quid, and then learn how to make a consistent profit from a 2 page e-book.

It’s laughable, right? If there really was a system that could teach you to profit by using a formula of “follow a, b and c and you get p for profit”, then bookmakers would close overnight due to the revenue that is being taken out of the markets.

Has that ever happened yet? Have bookmakers ever closed because too many people are taking them to the financial cleaners? Think about it – it hasn’t.

It’s about getting real, and stopping the belief in all the BS merchants that have been around for years, and will be around for many years more.

There are very many people that have been trying – unsuccessfully – to make a profit from gambling since time began, and no, I am not talking about ‘matched betting’, which although that activity is a dagger to the hearts for bookmakers, it is not real gambling, or trading – a 5 year old child could follow that method and make a few quid, until their accounts inevitably get closed.

I am talking about real ways to make a consistent profit from bookmakers, or Betfair. Very few people have ever managed to attain this ‘utopia’, or ‘Holy Grail’, as many like to call it.

And by the way, the reason people call it the search for the ‘Holy Grail’ is because they have convinced themselves (I know, right…) that there really is a system out there that is going to put them out of their misery; and they continue to search for it, spending endless amounts of money of the latest conveyer-belt product from slimy marketers who spend their lives devising ways to dupe those searching.

It’s a merry-go-round of stupidity, naivety and greed – plus we all know a fool and their money are soon parted.

But of course I am talking about trading Betfair here, and the reason you are still reading this, is to potentially find out what the ‘secret’ is; a secret that separates those than do from from those who continue to buy into the garbage mentioned above.

Proof of Betfair Trading Success

Now I want to show you an email from a member who emailed me just yesterday in fact, and then I will explain the ‘secret’ to successful Betfair trading:

Gary betfair profits

Have you read it?,  now please read it again, because the secret is right there in that email.

Found the secret? No? OK, allow me to explain – and it will only take me a few paragraphs to do so.

Now that our course has been launched for almost 2 years, we obviously have feedback from thousands of members as to how they are progressing with the materials they learn on the course, and one statistic stands out a proverbial mile.

The statistic, is that the ONLY members who email us showing profit and loss screenshots, and sending emails claiming satisfaction, are those who have actually absorbed the information, adjusted their thinking of what is possible, spent time in the markets, and actually TOOK ACTION to practice for as long as it takes.

If you join something thinking it will be easy, and that all you have to do is click a few buttons on your sticky fingered mouse, and then a week later all this lovely money will start flowing into your bank account making you giddy with excitement, then I am sorry but you will be deluding yourself until the end of time.

The Betfair Trading Secret?

Come on guys, I don’t believe in fairy tales and neither should you.

The secret, if there is one, is that you have to apply sound principles, and then practice for as long as it takes. If somebody else is achieving the kind of results you are looking to replicate, then you obviously know that something is working for them, and then it is a case of fine-tuning the details – and these details can ONLY be found by practising.

As hard as that ‘may’ be to hear, it is the truth.

You don’t like to hear that? Well, I am afraid that is tough, and if you think it is not true, then good luck moving forward, because you will just become another statistic who spent their lives looking for an easy ride, and then figured out far too late what it really took to succeed.

There secret is: there are no secrets!

There are no secrets, or magic ingredients. No silly £15 quid e-books that will change your finances, and no fairies sending endless amounts of money into your Betfair account based on a single snippet of information.

Look at it this way. Very many people are now making a consistent profit from the Betfair training course materials that we supply. If you want to become one of them, then as per the email above, you have to take the time to actually learn what is working. Not just what is working for others, but what will work for you also.

betfair trading adjustments

Navigating your path to Betfair trading success?

Did you know before aircraft became so sophisticated with current technology, that pilots were actually off-course from their destinations for around 90% of the time? True, they would get up into the air, adjust their direction, and then continue to re-adjust their settings, and navigation for 90% of their journey until they reached their intended destination.

If there was a secret to trading Betfair, then the process is very similar to the aircraft example above:

  • Find somebody who is willing to teach you dound trading principles that are proven to work.
  • Test what works for you.
  • Adjust this testing based on the results.
  • Adjust the next set of results, and the next, and – yup you guessed it – the next set of results.
  • Spend the time continually practising and testing until you achieve your goal.

When you think about this, it becomes perfectly logical. It is time spent practising sound principles that is the difference between those who make a profit, and those who will continue to dream about a ‘secret’ until their time runs out.

Which path will you follow?….




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  1. I can verify all that is said above and without that course I would never have learned how to read a market and profit from it time after time …highly recommended …

    1. Hi Gary,

      Thank you for those kind comments, Appreciated.



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