Betfair Scalper Year End

Fake Reviews, Stolen Trading Content. Another Successful Year

As the year of 2018 comes to a gradual close, we all take a time out for some reflection.

It is of course at this time of year, that we start to sit back and look at what we may have achieved for the previous 11/12 months. Did you start that project you wanted to start? Did you hit your financial projections that you may have set this time last year?

We all pause for thought at certain stages of our life.

For our Betfair trading course, it really has been another great year; and in fact more members joined in the last 12 months, than the first 12 months.

All good, positive stuff.

Now when you launch a successful product, or in this case a trading course that many people are talking favourably about, this starts to generate some unwanted attention – which can be amusing sometimes, and it tells you a lot about human nature 🙂

For example, when we first launched the course, we went a full 12 months without a single negative review. And at the time of writing, there is still not a ‘genuine’ negative review about what we offer – but there is a somewhat ‘dodgy’ review doing the rounds.

Fake Reviews About Our Betfair Scalper Course

For example, when we launched the course, and when the attention started to ramp up, we started to get asked by many affiliate vendors if we would allow them to promote the course. We offered a very selected handful of affiliates the chance to promote our training, but they had to test it first.

This then attracted a few, shall we say… strange applications to become an affiliate. Because when you become an affiliate of a product, you of course need to see what the product actually details, and what it contains, so affiliates were granted access to the course without any payment.

So it goes without saying that there were a few ‘undesirables’ trying to get the course for free – which we usually spot a mile off, but one applicant in particular stood out, and this is the reason for the one and only negative review on our course – which is fake, by the way.

You can read all about how this strange review came about, as the link below will show you how one of our own members spotted the fake ‘review’, gave his own thoughts, and then we explained exactly what happened:

The reason for showing you this, apart from being as transparent as we always are, is to show you how some people really will go to great lengths to get their hands on a ‘freebie’ – as you will read above, and are then upset when they get found out.

The Chancer Who Tried To ‘Steal’ Our Course as His Own

It was only very recently (November, in fact) that we were alerted by another member to somebody selling a strangely familar product on eBay, and when we ourselves looked at the eBay listing, the sales text was also very, very familiar.


Why? Because the sales copy had, word-for-word, been directly copied from our own website.

On completing a little investigation (it didn’t take much to be honest!), we quickly found that the person selling this eBay product was not only a member of our course, but was also using the same stolen sales copy for his own website, which he subsequently advertised on his Facebook group.

You couldn’t make it up…

On approaching this person, who was obviously committing intellectual property theft, he was adamant that this was not the case.

Now I am sure the sheer embarrassment of being found out caused his defensive stance, but if you watch the content on the following page, you will quickly see the evidence to back up our findings:

But that’s the internet for you. It seems to have created a certain type of person who feels they can just rip off other people’s products, and sell them as their own ideas.

When the reality is, if they actually sat down and thought about it, and placed the same effort into creating their own material, then not only would it be unique, but their reputation would be greatly enhanced. They then get to the end of their days, after hustling, and duping their way through life, and are then left wondering why they never really achieved anything worthwhile – something they could be proud of.

It just seems the easier options are far too tempting for some…

2018 Was a Successful Year For Members

As I mentioned earlier, this year has been great for the course.

Membership has increased a lot, and we still only have a 0.6% refund rate asked for by members, which is almost zero, which continues to consolidate our Betfair course as a very attractive investment for those looking to trade the Betfair exchange.

We also added a new Questions and Answers section on the sales page, to pre-empt what many people were already asking us by email.

The content on the course is now over 20+ hours long. We don’t advertise this fact, or even check it, but one of our more analytical members recently sent an email in claiming that since he last logged in, in January this year, that a further 6 hours of content had been added, which he was very surprised (and pleased) about.

So yes, we continue to update the course, and add new content where we feel it will benefit members – new and old; but these days, most of the content goes directly into the Member Feedback section, which is a section we added about 12 months ago which highlights how members are getting on with the course – which also provides some great inspiration.

Member Profits Continue To Flood In

Additionally, we still continue to receive emails from members on an almost daily basis; stating their satisfaction, as well as sending in profit and loss screenshots from their trading activities – all accredited to what they have learned from our course.

And to give you a quick example of just a few communications, from email, Facebook and other areas, here are a few member discussions from the past few weeks:




In fact, and I have said this a few times on the actual course, if I listed and detailed every single recommendation, screenshot and feedback we received, most readers (non-course-members) simply would not believe it, and when you consider that no other Betfair course receives anywhere near the same positive feedback we receive, then you can quickly see why we are so very proud of what we offer.

It really is the best feeling you can have when you are receiving daily emails from members on the course, detailing how they are now making profits, and are, for the first time, excited about what the future will bring.

No Barriers to Trading Success – Only Excuses

Our membership database has a fair amount of retirees, which is an interesting situation – because they do extremely well.

I did consider why this was a few months ago, and it quickly became apparent that in this day and age of ‘instant gratification’ people are inclined to have a lack of patience; but where generating an income is concerned you definitely need to take your time towards the end goal. This is why our retiree members can, and do exceed with Betfair trading, because they have that patience – plus the life experience to understand that real effort and dedication is needed for anything worthwhile.

We recently received an email from a 75 year old member (John), who after just 2 weeks started live trading only to have 2 x 100% successful days. His first 16 trades were all profitable; which not only shows that age is no barrier to trading the Betfair markets, but it also shows how by following the course structure exactly how it was laid out, that literally anybody could make this work for them.

Just looking over my email inbox from the last 2 days tells me that members are doing very well. Just a few days ago we had yet another member writing in to tell us they are soon to be going full time as a Betfair trader, and just today another member letting us know about the 95% success rate on trades that he is now enjoying.

………all of which is highlighted in the member feedback section of the course.

Merry Christmas to All

And here’s now the reason for writing this last blog post of the year, so very close to Christmas.

It’s because no matter what goes on in this crazy online, virtual world, the cream will always rise to the top; the best products get talked about without even a hint of advertising, and the people who play silly games will always play silly games (and end up with equally silly prizes).

But…It is what YOU do as an individual that decides the direction in your own life, and after the last 12 months how would you assess your own progression?

It is a question we all ask ourselves at this time of year.

Is Christmas going to be a struggle for you this year? Are you having to place the bulk of the cost onto a credit card? Are you going to spend the next few months paying off the cost of Christmas? 

As humans most people feel they have to partake in the traditions at this time of year, and many also go above and beyond in the hope of providing the very best experience for their families – but this comes at a cost that stretches most people.

Personally? Even though I could, I have never paid silly money for man-made ‘traditions’. The more financially secure you get in life, the less you feel the ‘need’ to promote such wealth to others. I enjoy Christmas, don’t get me wrong, but when you read, and hear about people literally blowing thousands of pounds they cannot even afford, and on what is basically ‘crap’, then you have to wonder if the priorities are in the right place.

As you get older, and once you have made a few quid, you simply stop playing such silly games. In fact, even though I could go out right now and purchase the very latest Ferrari, I still drive a 17 year old BMW. I detail this on my trading journey post.

When I was growing up, Christmas really was a magical time of the year, but that was mainly because there was not a lot of money around back in the 70’s, so receiving anything at Christmas would fill me with excitement. I vividly remember being given a snooker table for Christmas when I was around 12 years, and being extremely grateful. I must have used that snooker table for 4/5 years.

Now? You have children being given iPhones that can cost upwards of £1,000! Times have certainly changed, and the pressure to provide at this time of year has become somewhat of a financial epidemic. ‘Keeping up with the joneses’ at your own financial detriment, seems to be a dangerous, but accepted way to live in this day and age.

Many people find themselves in this situation – which is pure madness.  If this is your position, and if you didn’t achieve all you wanted to, then there is a formula for overcoming that for your New Year resolutions:

You simply need to filter through the noise in life, and focus on the end goal. Forget what other people are doing, and just concentrate on you. It’s not simple, but it really is that easy.

May I take this opportunity to wish you all a fantastic Christmas, and all the very best for the 2019 New Year ahead.



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